Preferred Enemy Army List

Well the second tournament of the year is rapidly approaching.... tomorrow! 

7 games over two days at 1650 points, I look forward to the experience! 

My army list after the jump.

I will also be posting Battle reports after each game, so keep an eye out on the blog tomorrow for the first four round!

With the new year, and a rather weird Necron & Grey Knight list out of the blocks at the beginning of the year.

Time to get back to basics, so for this tournament. Grey Knights, pure and simple. 

Only one model in the army that is not an actual Grey Knight. 

So the list itself.

Warlord - Grandmaster - Psycannon
Inquisitor - Ordo Malleus - Terminator Armour - Psycannon

Grey Knight Strike Marines x 10, Psycannon x 2
Grey Knight Terminators x 5, Psycannon

Nemesis Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Nemesis Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Grey Knight Interceptors x 10, Psybolt Ammo, Incinerator x 2

Aegis Defence Line, Icarus Quad Gun

Total models: 29
Total Kill Points: 7
Total Scoring: 3-5

So this list doesn't have the greatest range of weapons, sitting at a measly 24", the Personal Teleporters will help with that, throwing 2 Dreadknights & 10 Interceptors into your Deployment zone in turn 1 if I choose. 

As with all my armies, it really benefits from first turn to get into your army and cause you problems, unless facing a combat orientated army. In which case I am happy with first or second. Going second may mean I get plenty of turn 1 charges. 

Unfortunately the tournament is aiming to use the Main rulebook rules, so no Stronghold Assault yet, if there had been then I would have been running Vengeance batteries with Quad Lascannons for my AA.

Normally I ignore fliers to the best of my ability, so this time I decided to try it out with a Quad Gun to see if this helps or hinders me. 

Overall pretty happy with it at 1650, an unusual points total for me, so I look forward to getting some games under my belt and seeing how it progress.