Grey Knight Librarian

A few quick snap shots of my Grey Knight Librarian, he doesnt get much game time but he does look good... well I think so!

Dystopian Wars - Kingdom of Britannia Basics

Hi again, Kraggi here, this time I am going to talk a little bit about the Kingdom of Britannia and its forces.

Your Codex Tactics

Ok so the picture techincally shows cheating, but you get the idea!

So time for some simple tactical advice, and this applies to all of the Codexes out there. A lot of this may be pretty obvious, however these things bear replacing.

Your Codex is Broken!!!!!

This is a rant, apologies in advance! Also watch out for the wall of text spam!

Dystopian Wars - Activations

The first in a series of Articles exploring the rules & tactics of the Dystopian Wars game. First things first its not the Movement phase... its Activations! 

Harry... the Hammer!

Harry the Hammer... no base so he can work as a Chaos Lord / Hero should either of us ever take up the forces of Chaos again in Warhammer.

Covenant of Antartica Armoured Unboxing!

Some pictures and my thoughts on the Contents of the Covenant of Atarcticas Armoured Battlegroup!

The Black Wolf

A little late I know, but I figured I would let people know about this guy.

Dystopian Wars - Small Fliers

The final set of previews from Spartan, this time their Small Fliers which means you will be able to field an entirely flying force should you wish too. 

Dystopian Wars - Turrets

More Dystopian War Building previews... this time their Turrets!

MinMax Games (Again!)

The post today is a plug for a good friend of mine, you may have seen some of his Videos on the blog, and if not then click here, to see all the posts I did of his Videos.

MinMax Games!

The post today is a plug for a good friend of mine, you may have seen some of his Videos on the blog, and if not then click here, to see all the posts I did of his Videos.

Project Tyranids!

So with the Tyranid Codex firmly clutched in my hands, I retreated to my place of solace and bugs to contemplate and plan galaxy wide dominion alongside my Tyranid Masters....

Army List Exchange!

As a twist to my Army List Wednesdays I thought I would throw a challenge out there. 

A New Project (Tyranids)!

A new project... as Games Workshop yet again sucks me in with their plastic crack!

Dystopian Wars - Federated States of America!

Below are the shots of a freshly opened Armoured Battlegroup from Dystopian Wars. This one is from the Federated States of America.

Empire Cannon

So this time in the Showcase we have one of Dragkons earlier models, the Empire Cannon.

Armoured Battlegroup Empire of the Blazing Sun- Unboxing!

Pictures of the contents of a Empire of the Blazing Sun Battle Group (and their Flying Battleship!)

Army List Wednesdays Grey Knights - 2000 Points.

Another Wednesday, another Army list... not been as consistent with them as I may have liked, however hopefully they are still useful for you to read through. 

The Objective Markers (part 2)

So following on from Yesterdays post, here are the remaining two Objective Markers we had sorted for our Doubles tournament. 

GW Doubles Game 5 Battle Report

In our final game we were facing upto to a Daemon / Imperial Guard Alliance. The mission was Table Quarters (where anything could captured, assuming it wasn’t an immobilised Tank) and the deployment was Spearhead.

The Objective Markers! (part 1)

Each team needed to provide 5 customised Objectives for use in their Games at the Doubles Tournament this year.

Army List Wednesdays - Chaos of the Warp!

So this Sunday I have my third tournament in as many weeks. This time its Chaos of the Warp, its local, personal and 2000 points (just kidding bout the personal bit)

GW Doubles Tournament Game 3 Battle Report

For our third game we were playing a team that had also lost both games. This time it was Seize Ground and we rolled 3 Objectives. Our opponents won the roll off and forced us to go first.

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