My Hobby in February

A brief overview of my hobby this month, the games I got in and how it is all doing. 

So this month looked like a pretty dry run for my hobby! 

However the two tournaments at the end of it certainly helped!

This month saw the first competitive loss for my Grey Knights, always going to happen eventually, and Sean (who played the Dark Eldar) had me in his sights since I beat him last year.

You can find all of my game stats since April 2010 here. Possibly silly and vain to compile the list, but it keeps me knowing how much I have played with each army and is good evidence (in case I need it) to say I get my moneys worth from the hobby!

Stronghold 2012:
Grey Knights vs Black Templars - Win
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Draw
Grey Knights vs Imperial Guard - Draw
Grey Knights vs Dark Eldar - Loss

Blood Angels vs Grey Knights(2000 Points) - Draw

Doubles Tournament
Blood Angels & Necrons vs Imperial Guard & Imperial Guard - Loss (Tabled)
Blood Angels & Necrons vs Necrons & Necrons - Loss (6 Warriors left!)
Blood Angels & Necrons vs Ultramarines & Ultramarines - Win
Blood Angels & Necrons vs Dark Angels & Raven Guard - Win
Blood Angels & Necrons vs Daemons of Chaos & Imperial Guard - Win

Magic the Gathering
Played: 7
Won: 2
Lost; 5