GW Doubles Tournament Game 4 Battle Report

In our fourth game we were playing a Deathwing / Raven Guard List.

The scenario was an interesting one with Attacker & Defender (taken from the Battle Missions book).

The aim was for three objectives to be setup on the table. The first in the middle of the board, the second setup anywhere in the Defenders half by the defender, and the third setup anywhere in the Defenders half over 12” away from any other.

We lost the roll off and our opponents elected to make us attack (which to be fair I thought would be a bad thing for us.

Their list is below.

Turn 1

Now in the end it worked out quite well for us due to the large number of reserved models they had. We got first turn and only had 10 scouts on the table to deal with, so we moved most of our stuff flat out onto the table, running both the Immortals, Scarabs and Assault Marines to try and get as close as possible.

We managed to force one of their scouts to go to ground, while in their 1st turn we popped a solar pulse to prevent the snipers from shooting us.

They had two Deathwing units arrive from reserve (no Belial though) and a Tactical squad and Dreadnought. The tactical squad, combat squadded when it arrived.

Their shooting was ineffective, and we had pretty much everything left after they had tried shooting us.

Turn 2

In our Second turn the Scarabs charged the Dreadnought, after a glancing hit from the Warriors in Ghost Ark removed its Power Fist (still Strength 6, but now I got a 5+ save!

The Stormraven, Annhilation Barge & Command Barge Wiped out one of the Deathwing Squads with all their weapons, while the second squad was charged by the Furioso, Librarian & Assault Terminators.
The Assault Squad Charged half the combat squadded Tactical Marines, and the other half was charged (after a Scythe attack) by the Necron Lord.

In combat both Tactical Squads held, but the Dreadnought and Terminators all died horribly.
In their following turn their last drop pod arrived, but Belial decided not to show up just yet. With the Tactical Squad combat squadding out of the Drop Pod, and the Librarian deploying separately to them, it game them a lot more options for their shooting phase. However in total the Tactical Squad only managed to down 3 Immortals, who all passed their Reanimation Protocol rolls. The Librarian managed to knock down only two Warriors, who also got back up (or were replaced in the following turn by the Ghost Ark).

In combat the Assault Squad drew again, somehow 8 of them couldn’t easily overcome 4 enemies, while my Lord broke the tactical Squad, but the scouts that had charged in managed to hold him in place.

Turn 3 (and apologies for the lack of pictures from here on!)

In our Following Turn, the Assault Terminators and Librarian made their way towards the Scout squad near the objective they had placed on their board edge, while the Stormraven, Scarabs & Furioso turned their attentions to the Librarian.

The Command Barge moved close enough to escort the fleeing tactical marines off the table.
The Annhilation Barge also focussed its sights on the Tactical Squad that had dropped in via Drop Pod.

In the following round of shooting / combat we wiped out the Librarian and all 10 Marines, effectively ending the threat to the Immortals who were advancing on the objective in the middle of the table.

In combat the Lord & Assault Marines failed to win combat by enough to break their enemy, however they were whittling them down slowly but surely.

At the beginning of their Turn Belial’s squad arrived, however they scattered 12” off course and further away from us, however no dangerous terrain tests or mishaps for them.

In shooting their Scouts shot the Terminators, killing one and they passed their Pinning check, Belial’s squad was unable to do any damage.

In combat again, the Assault marines continued to cause casualties but to no avail. While the Lord finally killed off the scouts, freeing him to move towards the Assault marines and lend a hand.
Turn 4

The Stormraven picked up the Furioso ready to move it at Belial and his squad, while the rest of our forces moved to deal with the remainders of the enemy force.

Our shooting ripped into Belial’s squad, downing two of them, but that was all. We also downed the drop pod next to my Immortals. In combat the Lord didn’t get to strike, but his mindshackle scarabs prevent the marine from hitting us (although it didn’t kill him). The Assault marines finally got the killing blow to free them and the Lord up.

In their turn Belial advanced towards the firepower of our army, while the Scouts failed to hit anything with the Sniper Rifles.

Turn 5:

The last drop pod died to the Necron Lord Charging it, while the scouts died to the Librarian in combat. Belials squad was charged by the furioso who failed to hit anything. Thankfully the two Thunderhammers back also failed to hurt it.

In their turn with only Belials squad left we went straight to combat, and the Furioso killed the enemy terminator, leaving only Belial on 1 wound. He failed to damage the Furioso and fell (unfortunately) to the fearless wound he had to take.

In the end the deepstriking nature of the enemy helped us immensely as we could bring our firepower to bear one or two units at a time. Our luck was well and truly with us, and at the final count we had lost 3 Scarab bases, 4 Assault Marines and 1 Assault Terminator!

Our Opponents were top class, playing on to the bitter end, and it was a very fun game!