Armoured Battlegroup Empire of The Blazing Sun - Painted

Hey! Dragkon here! And welcome to the Other side of Dystopian Wars.
Some of you may have been aware that you have the ground battles that go along with Dystopian Wars. Well they can be much more brutal. I got my stuff for this the same time as my brother. we glued them together and had our first game and well it was fun. A couple of reactors exploding and wiping out half of an army was funny if it wasn't you that it was happening to. 

So enough of my chit chat here are some of the painted stuff!

 This is a amazing modal. The fire power that it can put out if you get too close is just pure AWSOME!

Light Tanks
 Medium Tanks
This is only part of the battle force painted still got the rest of the light tanks to do. Also why do I have them red well they look cool and it works with how I see my collection of this working with each area being a different colour ground red, sea blue and air something.

Till Next time Dragkon.


Malkavschilde said…
looking good sir
Anonymous said…
Wao, they are looking good. Looks like Ork kult of speed of the old epics games.
Dragkon said…
hey thanks guys.

I wasn't actually going for the ork cult of speed look lol. I really struggled with how I was going to paint. Then I went with the simple choice they have red in their flag. well they turned out alrite. looking at these pictures I think I need to tone down the silver a bit.
Anonymous said…
Lol, I was more designating the way you have painted them. The red looks really good on this kind of surface.

Leader of unit are usefull in this game? Cause if yes you could provide flag for unit's leaders and flagship with the blazing sun