GW Doubles Game 5 Battle Report

In our final game we were facing upto to a Daemon / Imperial Guard Alliance. The mission was Table Quarters (where anything could captured, assuming it wasn’t an immobilised Tank) and the deployment was Spearhead.

Below you can see a sneaky picture of our opponents!

Our opponents lists can be seen below.

We won the roll off, and setup as far forward as we could. The Assault Marines provided moving cover for the Scarabs, and the Ghost Ark provided cover for another unit of them.

The Stormraven, as has become our practise had the Librarian, Terminators & Furioso in it.

Our Opponents setup their Command Squad with the Astropath in a Bastion that we let them actually call a Bastion (as mistakes go that was pretty frustrating) and their Executioner Leman Russ.

Our first turn consisted of us zooming our the Annhilation & Stormraven 24” forward, the case of the Ghost Ark & Catacomb Command Barge went 12”.

In our shooting phase if it didn’t shoot then it ran, the Lord in Command Barge took aim with his Tachyon Arrow, hit, penetrated and rolled a…. 3! Becoming a 4! Damn you AP1, the three would have been more appreciated, but an immobilised result would have to be enough!

The Stormraven did very little to the Company Command Squad, other than to pin them so they didn’t lose their Astropath.

 In their first turn, two Daemon Princes Showed up, along with a Unit of Horrors including the Changeling. Due to the Solar pulse their shooting was limited, but they did wipe out 3 Assault Marines in the unit that failed its unholy Alliance role, fortunately it was the unit with 2 Flamers, and they both survived!  

In turn 2, the Furioso was dropped off next to the Horrors, along with the two Flamers who moved up on them.

The terminators appeared out of the Stormraven to charge the bastion, due to them failing (or is it passing?) their Black Rage check they would be Strength 9 on the Charge.

The Scarabs skittered towards the Leman Russ, with the Annhilation Barge focusing on the Daemon Prince in its Table Quarter.

The Lord had his Command Barge drop him off next to the Daemon prince that arrived in our deployment zone.

In the shooting phase we managed to kill 5 Horrors out of the 9 in shooting, the Immortals and Command Barge took two wounds off the Daemon Prince, while the Annhilation Barge inflicted 5 wounds on the other, and it failed 4 saves!

In combat the Lord charged into the Daemon Prince, its Scarabs doing their work and making the Daemon Prince hit himself three times, causing 1 wound.  The Lord himself was unable to kill him as he passed both saves and his save for losing combat!

The Terminators were unable to hurt the bastion (unsurprisingly), and the Stormraven failed to stop the Leman Russ from shooting this turn.

The Furioso and Assault Marines charged the remaining Horrors and Changling, killing two of them (who fell to the Assault Marines) and the Changeling and remaining horror passed their Invulnerable saves!

In their turn, the Daemonettes turned up deep Striking in near to the Annhilation Barge, but fortunately not close enough to Dance them. Also one of their Vendettas arrived with its Veterans, along with Sly Marbo.

The Vendetta and Sly all shot at our Stormraven, however they failed to do any damage to it. The Executioner shot at the Scarabs, killing three Bases worth, thank god they are fearless! The Veterans Shot at the Ghost Arks rear armour, but only managed to destroy one of its flayer arrays.

In combat the Necron Lords Mindshackle Scarabs, failed to kill the Daemon Prince, however his Warscythe soon did the job, allowing him to consolidate back towards his Command Barge.

The Furioso and Assault marines managed to kill the last horror, leaving just the Changeling who passed every 4+ we made him take, leaving them tied up in combat!

Turn 3:
In our turn, the Terminators & Librarian left the Bastion alone to make their way at the Vendetta & Veterans. The Ghost Ark itself made its way towards the Leman Russ, allowing all the Necrons to Disembark within Rapid Fire Range!

The Stormraven turned round to get some range on the Daemonettes with its weapons. The Annhilation Barge Lined up on Sly Marbo.

The Lord jumped in his Barge and rushed towards the Daemonettes to give them a small speed bump on their way to my Immortals.

In the shooting phase, the Stormraven passed its check due to the Changeling to shoot at the Daemonettes, and between them, the Command Barge, and the Immortals Tesla Carbines we managed to wipe them out!

The Annhilation barge inflicted 4 wounds on Sly who failed one of his cover saves, and was instagibbed.

The Warriors got their Range on the Leman Russ, stunning it so it couldn’t shoot, while the Scarabs continued to roll poorly on their run moves so hid (just in case) behind the Annhilation Barge.

In the combat phase the Terminators mutlicharged the Veterans & Stormraven with 6 Attacks on each. They killed 4 Veterans and managed to destroy a Lascannon off the Vendetta (and stun it due to being Thunderhammers). The Veterans broke and ran off the board.

In combat, the Furioso & Assault Marines both failed to hurt the Changeling so Combat was once again drawn!

In their turn they had their second Vendetta with Veterans Arrive, and they turned up near the beleaguered Leman Russ, as did their Blood Letters, who misshaped and I got to place them where I wanted. This meant dropping them exactly where the Daemon Prince and Daemonettes had died (right in range of all my shooting!). The First Vendetta went flat out to get some chance of surviving the following turn and to contest an objective.

Their Shooting resulted in no damage from the Vendetta, but between First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! On the Veterans & Company Command Squad I lost 9 out of 10 Warriors, fortunately the remaining warrior passed his break check, and 4 more warriors got back up to help him out!

The combat between Changeling and the Furioso and Assault Marines once again was drawn, with the Changeling now having survived 4 rounds of combat with us.

Turn 4 came around and the Scarabs leapt towards the Leman Russ, while the Ghost Ark Resurrected another 3 Warriors bring the Squad upto 8.

The 5 man Assault Marine Squad that had been hiding in ruins most of the game jumped out and at the Veterans, while the Warriors remounted the Ghost Ark.

The Terminators charged towards the Bastion intent on finally killing it, while the Librarian detached to get in Range to Blood Lance the Vendetta & Veterans, while the Immortals, Command Barge and Annhilation Barge took aim on the Blood Letters. The Necron Lord also dismounted ready to charge in and finish them off.  The Stormraven turned round to aim at the flat out Vendetta. The Ghost Ark Parked itself in front of the Bastions only exit, to cause the company command squad a problem.

In the shooting phase I unleashed hell on the Blood Letters, reducing them to 3 men. The Stormraven shot everything at the Vendetta, immobilising and therefore destroying it. The Librarian’s Blood Lance took a Lascannon off the other Vendetta, and the Ghost Ark prevented it from shooting. The Necron warriors in the Ghost ark took aim on the Leman Russ again, hoping to kill it so the Scarabs could charge into the Veterans with the Assault Marines. However all they did was prevent it shooting.

In combat, the Terminators charged in and got 6 Penetrating hits, and 1 Wrecked result. This forced the Gaurdsmen to Emergency disembark (because of the Ghost Ark) effectively pinning them for next turn. The Scarabs ate the Leman Russ, while the Assault Marines didn’t break the Veterans they did lock them in place.

The Changeling yet again survived a round of combat with the Dreadnought and Assault Marines! While the Necron Lord charged into the Bloodletters, shackling one of them and holding them in place, although neither they nor he were able to win combat!

In their Turn 4, the Stunned Vendetta moved flat out and with everything else locked down or dead we moved straight to combat. The Blood Letters and Lord duelled it out with the Lord winning and wiping them out, while the Changeling finally died to the Furioso. The Veterans survived another round of combat holding the Assault Marines in place.

Our Turn 5 rolled around and for the main our forces simply consolidated their position. The Ghost Ark brought the Warriors back to full strength, and they jumped out to shoot at the Vendetta, along with the rest of our army.

All our shooting however did nothing as it proceeded to pass all the cover saves it need!
The Terminators charged in and wiped out the Company Command Squad. And the Librarian Charged into the Veterans helping the Assault squad to wipe them out as well. The Assault squad then did their best to get between the Librarian and the Vendetta to provide him with a cover save.

In their Turn 5, their only action was to move the Vendetta and shoot two Lascannons at the Librarian, who even going to ground for the 3+ failed both making him explode in a shower of bodyparts.

When we rolled to see if the game continued, our opponents got a 1 leaving us as the Victors!
Overall we lost only the Blood Angel Librarian with all or other units surviving intact! Another great game where our opponents put up a good fight.

The Star of the game was the Changeling as we couldn’t kill him and he was singlehandedly contesting the table quarter!!