Project Tyranids!

So with the Tyranid Codex firmly clutched in my hands, I retreated to my place of solace and bugs to contemplate and plan galaxy wide dominion alongside my Tyranid Masters....

On the back of my list post about this. I decided first things first, what models do I like. Based on that, and that alone I built the following 2000 point army list. 

This MAY be called Nidzilla, I honestly don't know!

Hive Tyrant, Devourer with Brain Leech, Bonesword & Lash Whip

Tervigon - Catalyst

Ymgrl Genestealers x 8

Venomthrope x 1

Zoanthrope x 3

Termagaunts x 21
Termagaunts x 20
Tervigon, Catalyst
Tervigon, Catalyst
Brood Warriors x 3, Devourers, 1 Venom Cannon, Pair of Boneswords

Tyrannofex Rupture Cannon

Tyrannofex Rupture Cannon 

Total 1999 Points.

If the model has an options for a free upgrade / swap, I havent mentioned it as that is still something I will think about. 

However pretty happy with the number of models in this list, as it should end up pretty hordy by the end of the game. 

It seems to have at least half decent anti - tank, although it could suffer against massed hordes running across the table top at me! 

My first draft, with probably only 30 minutes of thought into it, so what do you think?


Anonymous said…
If you take a non-flying Tyrant/Swarmlord, you really need at least 2 tyrant guard. They give you the ability to get a 4+ cover save, which is needed with all the lascannon/plasma/melta out there.
Anonymous said…
the Tyrannofex will fail you. The ability to open vehicles at range is bad. In order to make them worth more press them forward fast and get them into CC or flamer template range. (remember you can fir 3 weapons because of special rule) (and BS 3 sucks on this model)

You will eventually come around to a minimum of 2x2 hive guard other wise any mechanized list will tun around you all day.
I used Tyranids a couple of weeks ago, with a Tyrannofex and in its first round of shooting, it scored two penetrating hits on a Land Raider Crusader, immobilizing it and taking out the twin assault cannon. A few turns later, I wrecked the Land Raider.It should have a fair chance of damaging armour at S10.
That said, however, I like the use of 3 Zoanthropes in a Mycetic Spore firing Warp lances to brutally devastate vehicles.
Kraggi said…
Thanks for the comments you three. Part of the plan is to see if I can get a non-standard list to work.

However I agree that Hive Guard are going to make my list at some point, just want to see what alternatives are worth a look at.

I like the idea of the Zoanthropes in a Mycetic spore, however I worry that is just two Kill Points I am giving up to get 1 in return.