Covenant of Antartica Armoured Unboxing!

Some pictures and my thoughts on the Contents of the Covenant of Atarcticas Armoured Battlegroup!

So first things first, in the first shot below you can see the contents of this £28.50 set.

Several Card Counter Sheets, three bags of Models, the CoA Rulebook, 4 Stat Cards and some plastic bases.

After unbagging the models, you can see below what you actually get for your money, the Heavy Walker is the only one that really requires assembly.

Here are some close up shots on the Atticus Walkers, I havent removed the flash from them at this point, because I think its good for your to see what you get fresh out the box!

Below you can see some pictures of the Socrates Bombard model, three of these in the Battlegroup, and perhaps my favourite model of the lot.

Finally (but by no means least) the Xenophon Small Walkers.

All in all, I am very impressed with this, its not quite as good a value for money as the Naval ones, but having played the Land version of the game its mechanics work very well!

I aim to have some pictures of these guys painted up soon, and hope you all enjoy what you see, any comments as always please feel free to leave them below!