GW Doubles Tournament Game 3 Battle Report

For our third game we were playing a team that had also lost both games. This time it was Seize Ground and we rolled 3 Objectives. Our opponents won the roll off and forced us to go first.

Their list went something like this:

Captain Sicarius with Command Squad / Razorback
Landraider (God Hammer)
Predator Annhilator
Tactical Squad, Rhino
Tactical Squad, Rhino
Tactical Squad

 Deployment. Below you can see a shot of our deployment in this Dawn of War Scenario, we rammed the Assault Marines & Immortals as far forward as possible.

Turn 1

In our first turn we moved everything on as far as possible, with the Ghost Ark Deploying the Warriors so it was free to hopefully run riot later on. 

Other than that the Annhilation Barge, Command Barge & Stormraven went flat out. The Machine Spirit took aim with the Multimelta on their Rhino and managed to Wreck it, a good start!

By response their forces moved on along their board edge. Their shooting was not very effective due to our cover saves and general positioning. 

Turn 2.
In our second Turn, the Stormraven moved up another 12" and deployed the Furioso & Terminators, ready to charge the Landraider, or its contents depending on how our shooting went. 

The Annhilation Barge & Command Barge went the other way to deal with the Tactical Squads & Predator that had arrive over that side of the board. 

Our Shooting proved effective with the Landraider dying to the Multi-Melta, with the Terminators charging into the tactical squad and the Furioso they made quick work of them in combat. 

The Necron Lord also got into combat, not making quick work of them, but he was able to tie up a tactical squad and keep them locked down.

In their Turn 2, 
Their shooting proved little help to them, and they didnt do too much in the way of movement, so the turn passed relatively quickly. 

They did however disembark a tactical squad next to their Rhino, allowing the Necron Overlord a target for the next turn. 

Turn 3, and things were beginning to look grim for our opponents, with the Assault Terminators moving in on the Predator and Assault squad they knew that in the next turn they would be getting assaulted. 

Our Shooting phase relatively quiet although we were beginning to dominate the game due to the large number of models we had left. 

With the Scarabs advancing on their left flank they deployed Sciarius out of his Razorback to ensure he wouldnt get pinned, and would have some chance of counter charges. 

The game changed in Turn 4, when Captain Sicarius charged the Scarabs and unsurprisingly flattened them, he then ran into the Immortals and Crytpek doing much the same again.

At this point he was the only guy they had left (or near enough) and we had the bulk of our forces still alive, but we were down to only one troop choice, a troop choice that he could quite easily munch through on his own.

We spent a couple of turns manoeuvring as he kept passing his Invulnerable saves, and we were happy to see the dice roll a 1 for the end of the game at turn 5. In the end we won our first game!
Incidently our opponents went on and won the Schaeffers Last Chancers with the poorest record, but they were excellent sports! They decided after our game with 3 losses that was what they wanted to aim for.