MinMax Games (Again!)

The post today is a plug for a good friend of mine, you may have seen some of his Videos on the blog, and if not then click here, to see all the posts I did of his Videos.

I know reposting a post from two days ago may seem silly, but really wanted to make sure that people know about this!
So the Video below is a promo for a new local games studio, and the guy running it does some AMAZING models. He will work for commision, and if you like what you see then follow the links at the bottom to sign up on Facebook/Twitter.

I also figured I would put a couple of shots of his models up here too, below is a model that is stunning... I hate painting Yellow, however what he has done is amazing!

Another Warmachine model, and this one that one him a prize at one of the large Scottish gaming days, first place back in 2010 I believe (he also won it in 2011 with another model, but I can't find pictures of that one at the moment!).

So the links you all need: