Army List Exchange!

As a twist to my Army List Wednesdays I thought I would throw a challenge out there. 

Not using the name Army List Challenge as my good friend Jabber Jabber has already coined it over on Warpstone Flux!

Now I feel I can write decent army lists... an arrogant assumption maybe, but I also feel that with time and patience any army can be played well enough to win. 

So I figured I would come up with a challenge for me, and my readers...

I have the following Armies for 40k / Fantasy. 

Grey Knights
Imperial Guard


I would like to challenge people to write an Army list for either 1750 points for the 40k lists, or 2400 points for Warhammer for me to use in a game in my local area. 

Not saying what I play against, or how the meta is built here. But I challenge YOU my reader to write me a list. 

I will then use this list (probably with Proxies) in a game against a couple of my Regular opponents and then post some battle reports and analysis of what I feel how the list did. 

So part 1 of my Challenge (and yours) is to play a list I don't use and see how it goes. Now you can drop me an email at varcancluster at if you don't want to post a comment on here. although all submissions will be collated and posted so you can see what I got (let me know if you don't want to be creditted). 

Part 2 of the Challenge... when you post your army list for me... post what Armies you have (and assuming I have or can get my hands on the Codex) I will write an army list for you to use instead. Then you let me know how you got on with it. 

Obviously my knowledge is in the armies listed above, however I am willing to try my hand at any army out there.

So why do this I hear you ask? Well, I think that army lists can just be that good, I think that all Army Lists have a certain strength and playing them is the way to find it, I also think that what I use over here in my games is pretty good... however I can't test it in America, France, Spain, Germany, Australia or anywhere else you may be reading this blog from, so I need you to do so for me!

So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge, even if you only want to challenge me lets see how I can do!


Rhellion said…
I like the idea of massive combat blocks with great weapons, supported by war machines. You have the choice of being aggressive with scouting GW rangers on a flank, or sitting back and shelling while waiting to counter charge. If aggressive, the Thunderers support the war machines and protect from fast flankers.

285 Dwarf Lord, shieldbearers, d6 wound weapon, 4+ ward save

170 Thane, BSB, MR2, units within 6" get 5+ ward vs shooting
095 Runesmith, dispel scroll
070 Master Engineer

625 40 Longbeard Rangers, veteran, standard, musician, great weapons, shields
140 10 Thunderers

510 40 Hammerers, gate keeper, standard, musician
130 Cannon, burning, forging
125 Cannon, forging
130 Grudgethrower, accuracy, penetrating

120 Organ gun

Kraggi said…
Thanks Rhellion, will have a look into this one when I next get the chance to play.

Will be a few weeks for my next Warhammer game I think, but I look forward to this one, will do a post when I see how it goes.
John H said…

Ill write you a Dwarf list.

If youre really sure you want it?
Kraggi said…
Yeah think it will be interesting John... I am sure you wont be the person I am testing it against >.<