GW Doubles Tournament Game 2

Game 2 and this time we were facing a dual Necrons list 

We were playing Annhilation, with 5 Objectives, each of which counted as 2 Kill Points (one of my pet hates its Annhilation with Objectives to make it easier for spammy or stupidly large armies to win, but that's for another post).

Their list had lots of troops which could both be good and bad for us. Good if the Blood Angels didnt kill them all in one turn and meant they were in combat in their turn as well, and bad because of the sheer amount of firepower. 

They got first turn, and advanced on our table quarter, they took out the Ghost Ark in the opening turn with their three heavy destroyers which set us back a bit. 

Other than that we had very little incoming fire on us. In our turn the Stormraven moved 12" into the building in front of it, to let the Dreadnought, Terminators & Librarian out and into combat. 
Our shooting was unfortunately ineffective with 2 Heavy destroyers dropping before passing their reanimation rolls. The Necron Lord got into their Scarabs and managed to kill them over two rounds of combat. 

The Furioso had some bad luck being unable to take out the Necron Lord in one round of combat, and that would cost us dearly. 

In their Turn 2, Their massed shooting bage to take its toll, with the Heavy Destroyers wiping out the Stormraven, and the rest of their army inflicting heavy Casualties on the Assault Squad and Terminators. 
Their Tomb Spyder charged the Dreadnought and managed to blow it up (after again the Dreadnought failed to hurt it)!

Turn 3 rolled around and thigns were beginning to look grim. To keep the Assault Marines alive and kicking our Scarabs had to charge the Destroyers... inflicting no casualties and losing combat... that with a Necron Lord & Warscythe moving towards them. 

My Necron Lord had moved into their back lines to try and take out some of their Annhilation Barges, but he didnt manage to kill anything before being charged by a Tomb Spyder which he killed, and being flattened by Heavy Destroyer Shots

The game (and I apologise for this being a short battle report) moved from bad to worse for us until in the end we finished with 6 Necron Warriors hiding on an objective, and again lost the game!