Army List Wednesdays Grey Knights - 2000 Points.

Another Wednesday, another Army list... not been as consistent with them as I may have liked, however hopefully they are still useful for you to read through. 

This time its another 2000 point list. Following on from my showing in Chaos of the Warp 2 (you can find my list here). 

I decided to look at what I could change about the list, as it certainly had some short comings!

Grandmaster Modrak 
5 Ghost Knights, Daemonhammer, Force Halberd x 4

Vindicare Assassin

Grey Knight Strike Squad, Psycannon x 2

Grey Knight Terminators, Psycannon

Interceptors x 7, Psycannon, Psybolt Ammunition

Interceptors x 10, Incinerator x 2, Psybolt Ammunition

Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

This revised list has cost me all of my Force Halberds in the Interceptor Squad & 3 Interceptors & a Psycannon. 

However I have gained a 5th Ghost knight to go with Modrak, to make his unit that little bit more survivable, and a Vindicare Assassin, and he brings me some much needed Armour penetration from distance, he should also be able to scare independent Characters, hidden Power Fists, Unit Upgrades. All these things make him a versatile addition to my force!

So compared to this list, what do you think of this one? I feel the Landraider is less threatened by AT than a Stormraven at range, and realistically I want people up close and personnal anyway so Melta will hopefully won’t be too bad.


swanson4969 said…
I run a lst similar to yours. I use mrdrak with Bly 3 ghost knights. I also use a Libby with warp rift and assorted oter powers and homer. Then add regular termies, a strike squad, a full interceptor squad, dread, teleporting knight, raven, vindicare. Most of the time I don't deep strike mordraks group they ride in the raven. But I still can if needed and the threat of the first turn deep strike screws with a lot of people's deployment. Plus if the termed are in the raven I can also hook on the dread and bring in three things in one reserve roll
Kraggi said…
I have found that Ravens dont do so well for me, people normally have plenty of models that can take it out of the air, so I tend to run lists like above aiming to put as many thinks into the enemies lines as quickly as I can.