The Objective Markers! (part 1)

Each team needed to provide 5 customised Objectives for use in their Games at the Doubles Tournament this year.

Here are the 5 we have for our Blood Angels & Necrons alliance, I hope you like them as much as we do!

Inspire by the Comic strip after the Blood Angels Codex came out, this was our most popular Objective marker getting the most comments about it, and to be honest my jaw hit the ground when my Brother showed it to me!

Our Second Objective Marker was inspired by Scarabs... and to all those who like and may struggle to build large Scarab units I apologise.

Ok so I have realised this post is going to drag on due to the number of pictures, so another will follow it tomorrow... hope you all enjoyed the pictures, any feedback let us know!


Lead Legion said…
They look fantastic. What DO you call a bro-fist when one guy on the other end isn't even a guy?
Kraggi said…
I think Robro fist works quite well!