Dystopian Wars - Britannia Air Carrier

Army List Wednesdays fell by the wayside this week with work being extra busy, so instead I decided to post you all some more Dystopian War Previews!

Another model that looks good (yet again) and I am impressed at the design. Not much more to say tahn that. Enjoy! 

Dystopian Wars - Temple of Doom!

This time I stole the name of the blog from Spartan games... it just fits the preview you can see below!

Dreadfleet Unboxing!

Ok so this may be a little bit behind the times, but its from the same guy that brought you the Zombie Tutorial so I figured you might like to see it!

All credit goes to RebelwithaCoz and any furture videos I will be getting posted up here!

Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antartica

This looks very Sci-fi but totally fits in with the CoA background and fluff.

Seriously thinking about getting myself a CoA force... just need the time n money to do so.

Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antartica

So following on from my last Antartica post way back when.

Here are some more previews of models that Antartica has had released (not going to say recently as I am currently waaaay behind on my Dystopian Wars Previews).

If you are interested in picking any of them up they are all reasonably priced and you can find them in the Spartan Shop here.

Alternatively if you are local to Kirkcaldy in Scotland, you can pop in to Kingdom of Adventure, or drop them an email (details on the website) and they can order them in for you.

Army List Wednesdays - Necrons! - 1750 Points

With the release of a new codex, there are obviously lots of lists of Necrons going about on the wonderful internet. 

Here is one I have built and that I plan to be playing today. It mostly uses models I own, and only a couple of proxis and one of the new releases. 

My Plans for the Necrons are to build them up slowly... no big rush to buy new models. Just a couple a month me thinks. 

So without further ado, here is my list:

Overlord, Phaeron, Resurrection Orb
Royal Court
Cryptek - Harbinger of Transmogrification, Harp of Dissonance
Lord - Warsycthe, Resurrection Orb

Necron Warriors x 20
Necron Warriors x 20

Scarab Swarm x 7
Destroyers x 5
Destroyers x 5

Annhilation Barge

So this rocks in at 1750 points, and is quite possibly a sub optimum army given all the other new toys in the codex. 

It does lack in the AV14 killing area, but one unit of Warriors is Relentless due to the Overlords Phaeron ability so this does help in bringing down, or at least stopping some vehicles. Enough glances can do lots of damage. 

The Cryptek & Scarab Swarms are also capable of making those pesky Landraiders a lot easier to kill so I think it has a lot going for it will just have to see how it performs on the table! I am sure there will be plenty more changes to this over the coming weeks and months!

Dystopian Wars - Federated States Monster Truck!

Ok, so techincally this is not a Monster Truck... however its certainly where my mind went when I saw the previews of the latest model on the Spartan Games website.

Very impressed (which you should now all just take as a given for me and Spartan), however let me know what you think!

Britannia Land Airfield!

All Hail Britannia... yet another awesome model from Spartan Games!

The Link to their blog post is here.

Robot Attack!

This was up on the Spartan Games website a while ago, but I thought I would share it with you as its an excellently painted model and I am very impressed!

Dystopian Wars - FSA Flyer

Now I have to say that of all the models in the Dystopian Wars range the FSA & Prussian flyers are the ones I felt that let it down.

However after seeing this a few months ago I really changed my opinion as with it as your central hub of your airforce this looks just excellent!

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