Grey Knights - Learning Curve

My Grey Knight army came into existance due to the Dreadknight. I love the model, I wanted one, well technically I wanted three and I am currently two thirds of the way there.

Every tournament game I have played this year has had two Dreadknights in, including my 1000 point tournament back in April.

I have read a chunk of information about the units that are awesome and unstoppable in the Grey Knights codex. My understanding from what I read on the Internet is that the following units/characters are outstanding if used correctly.

Psyriflemen Dread

Out of that list my army uses Draigo, and it has only used Draigo in one tournament (not counting the Doubles I did locally last weekend), to be honest I used Draigo because HQ's were worth 3 Kill Points and he is realtively hard to kill!

All of the other models I avoid. Why? Well mainly because they are what people think are the best bits of the book.

Now on Tactics. I have heard plenty of people say that the Paladin Spam, MSU Purfier, Henchmen Spam are all great tactics. The same as I hear that Personnal Teleporters are excellent for last turn objective grabs/denial. All of these are again perfectly valid tactics with a well proven track record. I dont use any of them myself, but they all work.

People see my Grey Knights and I tend to get a lot of them saying they think its an easy list to beat, no transports, no mobile cover, small model count etc, etc. However very few of the people who say this have played it. And so far in the 1750 tournaments I have done, I have not lost yet, although a chunk of that has been on the dice coming good at just the right time for me!

The point I am aiming for with my wall of text is that you should make sure you sit down, read the Codex and play the army the way you want to. Netlists are very spammy, very limited creatures and everyone knows what they do. Try something different and you will be surprised!

Next time I will be looking at how my Army list has evolved since I started playing as Grey Knights.


RTGamer said…
100% Agree with this Kraggi. Yes you can take the "iterwebz" build and you should if a competent player do well with it.

However If you read the book and play games you will find that unit that everyone thinks is suboptimal that you do well with.

This is a double win for you as they will underestimate that unit/model based on interwebz knowledge and will not see the threat until it is too late.

Good article dude.
Kraggi said…
Thanks RT. Thats pretty much what I count on, this army will be less fun when it doesnt surprise people with Dreadknights of Doom. That said I am picking up a third Dreadknight in the next few months then the list will be truly broken and scary lol.
Rusty Nail said…
Ryan I saw the threat right from the get go, and I still struggle to win against Johns GK.
I've managed it a few times in practice games whilst John was working out his tactics but still haven't beaten it in a tourney - it'll happen though.
I was laughing at the people who were coming up to him on the top table at the tourney saying yeah I could beat that list no problem, and they seemed to get upset when I asked them what table they were playing on.
Like anything you can build a list to take this one apart, but how will it do against the other armies you'll have to face.