My Weekend Game

So this on the 25th August at my FLGS I had the pleasure of arranging an apocalypse game. I have to admit that it has been a while since I have been able to arrange or play in one of these, and this one ended up being an excellent game.

We had 10 players, a 12 x 4 foot board and at one point 24 points worth of models on the table top.

The objective was for each force to capture the Three Dreadknight suits of Armour in the Battlefield. At the end of the day after 6 turns of Apocolypes (not bad in just over 6 hours) the forces of evil (i.e The Chaos, Nids & Ork Alliance won the game. 2 Objectives to 1.

Below are some pictures from the game itself (in no particular order). Thanks to Doom Lord for the pictures, my camera is why I havent posted this earlier.