My Hobby in October

This month proved once again another good month for my Hobby. In total I got 10 Games of WoW, 16 Games of 40k & 4 games of Warhammer for me, thats an excellent month!

It all started with a tournament (Counterattack) in Edinburgh on the 1st October. Three games at 1750 points. I ended up finishing Second with the Best Victory Point score, and Highest Scoring game awards too.

Counter Attack Games:
Game 1: vs Eldar - Draw
Game 2: vs Space Wolves - Win
Game 3: vs Space Wolves - Win

I also took part in a Doubles tournament for 40K. I had won this tournament with two different partners that last two times it has been run, so I was going back for my turkey. My usual Doubles Team Mate Tom was alongside me and this time we fielded a Grey Knight x Space Wolf force rocking in at 1750 points. 

Game 1: vs Tyranids & Orks - Win
Game 2: vs Space Marines & Space Marines - Draw
Game 3: vs Chaos & Orks - Win

This brought us to another win of the tournament after three  close games. Next year will be different as I think it will be different armies with different partners... we will see!

My Third Tournament of the Month was at Rapid Fire in Stirling. This was a two day tournament with 5 games played. I used my Grey Knights again and here are the results.

Game 1: vs Space Wolves - Win
Game 2: vs Grey Knights - Win
Game 3: vs Orks - Win
Game 4: vs Spave Wolves - Win
Game 5: vs Eldar - Win

Winning all 5 games got me the victory and 1st place, the last three Orks, Space Wolves & Eldar were all tight games that swung one way then another. If Game 5 had ended on Turn 5 I lost, Turn 6, I won, Turn 7 it came down to some decent rolling on my part, and 24 dice that refused to give my Opponent Ian any 6's.

Friendly Games
1750 Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Loss
1750 Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Win
1750 Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves - Loss
1750 Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Win
1750 Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Loss

2400 Dwarves vs Tomb Kings - Loss
2400 Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins - Win
2400 Dwarves vs High Elves - Draw
2400 Dwarves vs Skaven - Win

I also managed the following games for World of Warcraft:

Played: 10
Won: 7
Lost: 3

Overall... a good month for my hobby!