1750 Points of Necrons

So after my lists from last week. I decided it was time to try out a couple of the new models in the Necron range (note I said only a couple!).

This list has some decent options (or so I feel) but is reliant on the Scarabs for Popping armour... this could be a downfall as I know I will probably be facing a Landraider or two.

Anyway with that in mind my aim is for massed Gauss fire to deal with my enemies.

Overlord: Resurrection Orb, Phaeron

Royal Court
Cryptek: Harbinger of Destruction, Solar Pulse, Eldritch Lance
Cryptek: Harbinger of Transmogrification, Harp of Dissonance
Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb
Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb

Necron Warriors x 20
Necron Warriors x 11
Necron Warriors x 10
Necron Warriors x 10

Scarabs x 10
Destroyers x 5

Annhilation Barge
Tomb Spyder, Gloom Prism

So I have a little bit of Psyker defence in there, a chunk of Anti Tank options and the hardy Monolith, ok so a 1 shot on the monolith is more than possible, but I am hoping that Positive thinking and the right out look are the way to go.

Not the best theory for building a list, but I am still experimenting with my Necrons so its not such a bad thing.

It has a chunk of options, all of which are aimed at forcing the enemy to choose what they shoot at, if they dont choose the right thing then it could get nasty for them.

I ended up with 2 points spare, but I am not desperate to get it bob on yet, again while playtesting its worth trying out stuff you arent sure about.

Any comments or suggestions feel free to leave a comment!