Army List Wednesday Necrons - 1750

So here is my first list for my Necrons with the new Codex.

You will notice that none of these models are new as this is what I own so will be interesting to see how it behaves minus a chunk of the toys out there.

Total Model Count62
Total Points1750
Actual Points1740
Remaining Points10
Unit NameSizeEquipment / Options
Overlord1Resurrection Orb, Phaeron, Mindswarm Scarabs
Royal Court
Necron Lord1Resurrection Orb, Mindswarm Scarabs
Necron Lord1Resurrection Orb, Mindswarm Scarabs
Necron Warriors15
Necron Warriors15
Necron Warriors10
Canotpyk Spyder1Gloom Prison

This list has some resilient warriors with the 4+ RP rolls, a (hopefully) 9 man Scarab swarm after turn 1.

The Spyder is there to give some limited Psychic defence (mainly to avoid Jaws on me models).

The Monoliths will do a good job as LOS blockers until the Melta gets in close. I expect it to get shredded as I am not using anything new (well other than the Overlord) but will let you all know how it does in its first few games.


Warflake said…
I would be really interested how you do without any of the new toys. Look forward to it.
Atreides said…
this is a really interesting list. i am worried that you have a lack of anti tank still. accordingly, i would prefer to lose the detroyers and take more scarabs, but other than that it is pretty solid!