Army List Wednesdays - Necrons! - 1750 Points

With the release of a new codex, there are obviously lots of lists of Necrons going about on the wonderful internet. 

Here is one I have built and that I plan to be playing today. It mostly uses models I own, and only a couple of proxis and one of the new releases. 

My Plans for the Necrons are to build them up slowly... no big rush to buy new models. Just a couple a month me thinks. 

So without further ado, here is my list:

Overlord, Phaeron, Resurrection Orb
Royal Court
Cryptek - Harbinger of Transmogrification, Harp of Dissonance
Lord - Warsycthe, Resurrection Orb

Necron Warriors x 20
Necron Warriors x 20

Scarab Swarm x 7
Destroyers x 5
Destroyers x 5

Annhilation Barge

So this rocks in at 1750 points, and is quite possibly a sub optimum army given all the other new toys in the codex. 

It does lack in the AV14 killing area, but one unit of Warriors is Relentless due to the Overlords Phaeron ability so this does help in bringing down, or at least stopping some vehicles. Enough glances can do lots of damage. 

The Cryptek & Scarab Swarms are also capable of making those pesky Landraiders a lot easier to kill so I think it has a lot going for it will just have to see how it performs on the table! I am sure there will be plenty more changes to this over the coming weeks and months!


Here's my take on it, feel free to completely ignore it if you are so inclined.

How many Land Raiders do you normally face (or bring) in 1750 games? They're quite rare around here. Still, your list could do with a lot more anti-tank, for Rhino's etc.

Also, don't you think those 400 points worth of slow-moving LOS terrain could be better spent elsewhere? Like two Ghost Arks (230) each with a minimal Warrior squad(130). This leaves you with 40 spare points.

2x5 Destroyers are ok, but are they really worth the 400 points? Annihilation Barges bring more shooting and way more survivability for the price of 2.25 Destroyers. Granted, not as fast-moving as Destroyers.

If you drop one squad of Destroyers (-200) and a single Warrior (-13) from one of the large foot groups, you can get 2 Annihilation Barges and 2 Harbingers of Destruction. The Harbingers can then ride in the Ghost Arks with the small Warrior groups, shooting out of them, while the Barges shield and repair your large foot groups.

I wonder how those two big foot groups will work for you. I'd be very careful about assaults, Sweeping Advance is a scary thing if youve got I2...
Kraggi said…
The larget groups on foot have done alright recently for me, but sweeping advance is a messy prospect.

I am going to look into picking up some ghost arks then I will start putting them in my army list.

I certainly appreciate that there are many better otpions within the codex, I just dont want to proxy too much of my army yet. Crypteks are easy enough to get away with Ghost Arks less so.

Will have a think about your points and will revise the list with it in mind.

I am planning on posting my first 'wishlist' Necron army next week I think. Just gotta wait n see where my 'wishlisting' takes me lol.
Kraggi said…
Apologies for anyone reading the above comment no new list was posted this week, but there will be one for next week!