Tomb World

The World of Phyrex was once a lush green world, full of teeming plant life, animals and humanoids. Now it was a world of sand and rocks.
Lesha had been digging on Phyrex for the last 5 years, in that time they had uncovered lots of evidence that the world had once been comfortable to live on, once been a bustling world of civilisation.
After all those years she was on the verge of her greatest discovery. Lesha and her party had uncovered the entrance to an ancient burial ground.
Standing in front of it she could see the tomb had not decayed nor did it appear worn. It was bleached from the sun and the sand, but as far as they could see it hadn’t deteriorated in anyway. Again she found herself pondering how they had missed this place on their orbital scans. Each year they performed a planet wide scan to see if anything had been revealed by the ever shifting sands. 4 scans had shown no sign of this structure… yet on the last scan they had detected a faint energy source.
Lesha shivered involuntarily. The team had just begun cracking the tomb doors open, and even though their scans showed metal, it sounded a lot like moving a rock. The grating as they opened it was loud enough to wake the dead.
Once they had finished opening the tomb door and the dust had settled they tried getting some light into it… their torches didn’t penetrated far into the Darkness inside. Lesha was busily organising her team into exploration, scans & base setups when a noise began.
It wasn’t loud… at least not to begin with, and it sounded a lot like marching. At the end of the entrance was a long dark tunnel with a couple of their lights shining into it. Every so often Lesha could have sworn she saw something glinting in the distance. The rest of the team stopped working as the noise grew louder. Several of them began nervously looking at the Darkness and then back to the world outside.
They were scared! Lesha suddenly realised so was she. Something had made her uneasy since they found this tomb, they way it had just appeared… its whole demeanour making her feel unwelcoming.
The marching, for while it seemed impossible that anything could have survived here, the noise was definitely that of something marching continued to grow, however now Lesha could see shapes in the darkness, moving towards them. Suddenly a green glow appeared down the corridor, followed by another, then another. Seconds after the eerie light appeared, sets of red eyes appeared at head height about the green.
The extra light in the corridor illuminated the darkness just enough to make out the metal bodies of the… the… machines, it must be machines!
Less than a second after the realisation dawned on Lesha, her mouth opened to shout a warning to run and seal the tomb, she never managed to utter a sound as a green beam shot out of the darkness at her. Several more followed it, however Lesha didn’t register those, she managed a brief sharp scream before her body disintegrated underneath her and darkness engulfed her.
The last sounds she heard were that of her team dying, and her head hitting the ground.