From Old Necrons to the New

A few weeks ago, I posted the Necron list I would have used with the Old codex. You can find the post here.

Back then it totalled 1750 points. In the new Codex, doing a direct translation (save the Necron Lords become Overlords) it comes in at 1406 points. Meaning I still have a huge 344 points to spend!

So here is a quick look at how I would boost the old list without taking it too much away from what it used to be:

To be honest not many changes as I am only adding 21 models to it, and two Special Rules. Basically keeping it as close to the orignal list as is possible.

Overlord (Previously Necron Lord); Resurrection Orb, Phaeron
Overlord (Previously Necron Lord); Resurrection Orb, Phaeron
Necron Warriors x 20
Necron Warriors x 20
Necron Warriors x 20
Destroyers x 5
Wraiths x 3
Heavy Destroyers x 3

Total: 1745.

So with only 5 points spare and no time at work to check the Codex I will leave it upto you guys, my readers to figured out what I could spend it on!


Warflake said…
Personally it's not something I would run but it will more than likely do well. Those 5 points could be put on a particle caster on one of your wraiths.
Kraggi said…
Aye, I reckon that given a couple of games I wont be running this list, have lots of other nasty ideas in my head, but it is truly trying to get them bought and onto the table top.

Particle Caster is a good idea, the extra show will not hurt me.

Thanks for your input Warflake!