1750 Army List Wednesday!

Third week, third army!

This time its worth proving I actually had one of the newer armies prior to their release... in this case it is the Necrons!

Here is a sample 1750 list I can attempt with the models I have, and knowledge of their weaknesses in previous games.

Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb

Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb

Necron Warriors x 13

Necron Warriors x 12

Necron Warriors x 12

Destroyers x 5

Wraiths x 3

Heavy Destroyers x 3


So as with all Necron armies the tactics are pretty simple... don't phase out, run away, shoot them and hope they die....

Well not quite that bad. The idea here is going to be to focus the army on destroying one or two squads of the enemy a turn, splitting fire is not a good option for the necrons at the moment, unless all your dice go really well and the enemy goes really badly.

The Wraiths can nicely speed bump an enemy assault unit, or they can take out something the enemy leaves undefended.

Overall with the models I own, this is the Necron list in the current codex that I think would do best. 

It will also be interesting to see how much cheaper (if at all) this list gets in the new codex!