Grey Knights Learning Curve Part 2

So last time I went other a couple of things I think and believe for using my Grey Kngihts.

This time we will have a look at how my army list has changed since I started playing.

The first list I went to a 1750 Tournament with was:

Grandmaster - Incinerator, Rad Grenades, Psychotoke Grenades

Terminators x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannons x 2

Strike Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannons x 2

Interceptor Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, Incinerator x 2, Daemonhammer, Force Halbered x 7

Dreadknight: Heavy Incinerator

Dreadknight: Heavy Incinerator

This list did a decent job against the people I played, but it soon got changed around for my next tournament.

The list above did what I liked, it rammed three units of my army into you on Turn 1, and caused you some serious issues in dealing with them. Sure plenty of Armies are capable of taking out 10 Marines and 2 Dreadknights, but most struggle to get it all in one turn.

So for my next tournament I built on this theory and the list changed to:

Grandmaster - Incinerator, Psychotoke Grenades

Terminators x 5, Psycannons

Strike Squad x 10, Psycannons x 2

Interceptor Squad x 10, Psycannon, Incinerator, Force Halbered x 4


Dreadknight: Heavy Incinerator

Dreadknight: Heavy Psycannon

Dreadnought: Psybolt Ammunition, Assault Cannon

This time the list had everything with the distinct possibilty of being in (or virtually in) your Deployment zone at the end of my Turn 1. The only thing that was unlikely to do this was the Strike Sqaud as they were my sit back and hold Objective unit.

The main weakness of the list? Yup you guessed it on Turn 1 everyone shot at the Stormraven. If I went first things would go well... if I didnt then not so much. With the Stormraven Immobilised or killed the Dreadnought & Terminators have to walk and it loses a lot of its focus.

I still believe this is one of the best armies I have written but unfortunately only one armoured vehicle makes peoples decisions easier to make (admittedly none of this is helped by the fact that I have only gone first twice out of my last 8 tournament games).

I think what works for the army is having several things that are equally intimidating rather than one thing that you have to kill. If the Stormraven survives it delivers, 6 Terminators & A Dreadnought towards your army, not mentioning the potential for Havoc with the Lascannon or Multi-Melta and Psi-Shock rockets.

Next time the Evolution from the above Army List to what I am now using.