C'tan Monolith Revisited!

This Link takes you to the Original Rules & fluff for the C'tan Monolith. The model itself was shelved and has had no more work carried out on it since the post. However now I inted to get this baby up and running. Not the most original of conversion work I admit but I like it.

However now I intend to get some real time put in on as I build the rest of my Necron forces, given that I figured I would go back and update the rules to bring it more in line with the new Necron codex.

I warn you now its a beast, hopefully though it is over point costed and we will see how you all feel about me altering the fluff (only slightly I swear).

+++++++++++++ For Attn of Inquisitor Jachem
+++++++++++++ Priority Message
+++++++++++++ Clearence Level Magenta Silver
+++++++++++++ Necron World Sighted

Inquisitor, I have disturbing news. In the Galactic south west of the Varcan Cluster we have recently lost contact with over a dozen worlds. The only information I have found indicates a Necron presence. Upon searching our data records I found evidence that the Sons of the Lion last dealt with a Necron Incursion in this area of space, their notes and reports link into another report about a super weapon that the Necrons have. I have attatched all the information I could find regarding it.

The C'tan Monolith has only been sighted on a few occasions, and of those rarely has it been seen away from Necron Tomb Worlds. Very little is known about their role of function within the Necron military, except that they are devastating on the Battlefield.

Initial reports indicated that the Necrons may have modelled them after their C'tan Gods, however with recent information indicating the Necrons have managed to enslave the C'tan these reports have been discredited.

Other historians postulated that they may have been built with the help of the C'tan during the war with the Old ones, and then with the War over, the Silent King turned them against the C'tan. Yet more inforamtion indicates they may even be the 'master key' in Necron defences for their Tomb Worlds.

The Sons of the Lion Techmarines described it as both a work of art an an abomination, they were unable to understand how it was powered or under motion.

Only one record has been found indicating a method of destruction, and that is with several high yield charges placed along the base of the machine. However given the Necron Scarabs that swarm the vessels hull the fuse on such devices needs to be so short that there is no time to attatch them and get away before detonation.

Their firepower is immense, slagging whole Tank regiments, and reducing even the mighty and venerable Landraiders of our Space Marine orders to burning wrecks.
In short Inquisitor we need to find a way to eliminate this threat prior to attempting a cleansing of the Necron worlds. Identifying the Necron Tomb World may be our best bet for effectively ending the Necron threat in the area.
++++++++++++ Thought for the Day - There is no science except that of the Machine God, and the miracles of the God Emporer
++++++++++++ Transmission Ends.

C'tan Monolith
: 650

Armour Values: 14 / 14 / 14
Ballistic Skill: 4
Structure Points: 3
Weapon Systems: Adaptive Weapon Projectors, Particle Accelerator
Special Rules: Activation, The Living Metal, Portal Doors, Scarab Defences

Special Rules

The C’tan Monolith begins the game in a dormant state. The enemy are unable to target the C’tan Monolith with any weapons of any kind. The C'tan Monolith roles a D6 at the beginning of each turn. It activates on a 3+ when its systems detect that the Threat is at its greatest.

Once the C’tan Monolith becomes active it may use all of its abilities as described above and below.

The Living Metal
The C’tan Monoliths Living Metal is so advanced it can withstand the strongest of weapoons. Lance and Melta weapons have no additional effect against Living Metal, so do not get to reduce its armour, nor do they get the additional dice for penetration roles. The Living Metal also grants it immunity to Crew Shaken & Crew Stunned Results

The C'tan Monolith has two Portals. A top and bottom one. The portals on the C’tan Monolith may be used to bring units into play from reserve. Up to one Infantry Unit and one Skimming Unit may enter play from the Portals on the Monolith each turn.

If no unit is waiting in reserve then you may use the power of the C’tan Monolith to teleport one Nercon Infantry Unit and one Necron Skimmer unit per turn from anywhere on the board so that they appear from the portal doors on the Monolith. As soon as a unit needs to be brought into play from reserve you may not use the portals for this. So if one Necron Infantry Unit needs to be brought into play you cannot use the Portal to teleport Skimmers.

Scarab Defences. The C'tan Monolith has its own cache of Scarabs that will scurry out to repair damaged systems. At the beginning of each Turn the Scarabs will attempt to repair one of the Following, a Weapon Destroyed Result, a Structure Point, a Drive Damage Result. They are unable to repair the Primary weapon as the complex systems it requires mean that Battlefield repairs could destabilise the C'tan Monoliths power core.

Adapative Weapon ProjectorsThe Weapons of the C'tan Monolith are altered and upgraded at the Phaeron's command. This gives it an unrivalled level of versatility and the ability to counter any threat.

Range: 18”
Strength: X
AP: 5

Notes: Adaptive Weapons.

Adaptive Weapons
At the beginning of each shooting phase the C'tan Monolith may choose a Fire mode.

Fires 2D6 shots at each unit in range, Each Weapon Destroyed Result Suffered reduces the number of shots by 1. Roll to hit for each of these Shots. In this mode the Weapon has no Strength value, and just scores a Glance on a roll of a 6. For every two 6's rolled a Penetrating hit is scored (but no Glances for those two 6's. So a roll of 6 dice resulting in a 1,3,4,6,6,6 would translate into a Glancing and a Penetrating hit).

Fires 2D6 shots at each unit in range. Wounds on a roll of 3+ regarless of Toughness and has the Tesla Special Rule.

Particle Accelerator
: 72"
Strength: D
AP: 1
Notes: Large Blast, Primary Weapon

So there it is in all its glory. I gave it a slight price hike, introduced some of the current rules for the Monolith and the Army. I did debate giving it some of the more crazy rules in the book, but I think its fine the way it is.

It has a around a 40" threat diameter and this means that with good positioning it will take an absolute hammering from enemy fire.

It is for Apocalypse so in no way is it meant to be balanced and there are plenty of weapons out there in the world of Apocalypse that are more than Capable of taking this baby out.

Any thoughts or ideas let me know. Tomorrow a revamp of the Tomb World Scenario I posted around the same time as the Original C'tan Monolith Rules.