C'tan Monolith

The C’tan Monolith has only been sighted on a few occasions. They have never been sighted except on the dead Necron Tomb worlds. Normally seen in static filled distress calls, or partial images recovered from a wrecked Vehicles sensor logs. It is believed that a Necron worlds defence is controlled completely by one of these machines. They have only ever been seen in battle when a C’tan has been fighting as well. Some scientists have speculated that they are the Necrons ultimate creation, modelled after their Gods effectiveness on the field of battle. The records retrieved thus far have only shown the destruction of one C’tan Monolith. This was accomplished by the combined firepower of an entire Space Marine task force. The resultant explosion destroyed so much of the task force that the Space Marine Commander was forced to withdraw his forces.

Points: 600
Armour Values: 14 on all sides
Ballistic Skill: 4
Structure Points: 3
Weapon Systems: Heavy Gauss Flux Arc Projectors & 1 Particle Accelerator
Special Systems: At Thy Command, Activation, Living Metal, Portal Doors

At Thy Command: A Monolith may only be fielded in a Necron army that Contains a C’tan. The C’tan may enter play from Strategic Reserve from one of the Portal Doors on the C’tan Monolith itself.

As when a C’tan dies, if the Monolith is destroyed it will automatically count as an Apocalyptic Explosion on the relevant table. The distance of the explosion is 3D6 + 6 “.

Activation: The C’tan Monolith begins the game in a dormant state. The enemy are unable to target the C’tan Monolith with any weapons of any kind. The C'tan Monolith roles on the reserves table for when it becomes active.

Once the C’tan Monolith becomes active it may use all of its abilities as described above and below.

Living Metal: The C’tan Monoliths Living Metal is so advanced it can repair even the most devastating damage. Whenever the Monolith loses a Structure point, roll a D6. On a 5+ the damage result is ignored. Also Lance and Melta weapons have no additional effect against Living Melta, so do not get to reduce its armour, nor do they get the additional dice for penetration roles.

Portal; The C'tan Monolith has two Portals. A top and bottom one. The portals on the C’tan Monolith may be used to bring units into play from reserve. Up to one Infantry Unit and one Skimming Unit may enter play from the Portals on the Monolith each turn.

If no unit is waiting in reserve then you may use the power of the C’tan Monolith to teleport one Nercon Infantry Unit and one Necron Skimmer unit per turn from anywhere on the board so that they appear from the portal doors on the Monolith. As soon as a unit needs to be brought into play from reserve you may not use the portals for this. So if one Necron Infantry Unit needs to be brought into play you cannot use the Portal to teleport Skimmers.

Gauss Flux Arc Projectors: The same as the weapons on a normal Monolith, these versions have a slightly increased range and more shots.

Range: 18”
Strength: 5
AP: 4
Notes: Gauss
Special: Fires 2D6 shots at each unit in range, Each Weapon Destroyed Result Suffered reduces the number of shots by 1.

Particle Accelerator:
Range: 72"
Strength: D
AP: 2
Notes: Gauss, Large Blast

The picture at the top of the post is my current WIP of a C'Tan Monolith.