Cryptek - Theory

I am not calling this a tactics article, because I havent played any games with the Cryptek yet, however it is an article based on the Theory of them.

So for a decent price you can pick up a Cryptek, or more specifically 5 per Overlord (or equivilant you have as a HQ).

I see a lot of people using them as the Harbinger of Destruction, mainly for the Solar pulse and some Str8 AP2 shooting.

I have also seen a few people using them as Harbingers of Despair for the Veil of Darkness again a valid option with provies some useful jumping around.

Personnally I will be running a couple of the Harbingers of Transmogrification. Their Tremorstave is execellent. A 36" range weapon that makes any unit it hits count as if they are in Difficult Terrain. Note it states Hits not Wounds so you can target a Landraider with it and as long as the template doesnt scatter too far you will be ok. An immobilised tank is a tasty target for Scarabs.

The ability to slow down assault troops is also an excellent choice as it can really screw up someone's charging, and that extra phase of shooting can never be under estimated. Just my opinion, but we will see how it plays on the table top!


Anonymous said…
Codex Necrons. Page 90. Bottom left hand corner:

"Any number of Crypteks that are in a Royal Court can be upgraded to a single, specific type of Harbinger. Whilst you can have any number of Harbingers of a specific type, each of the Harbinger's unique wargear options can only be chosen once in each Royal Court."

Thought I best point this out as somebody mentioned having 2 overlords, with 5 harbingers of destruction, shooting 10 eldritch lances.
Anonymous said…
That part on page 90 is only talking about the upgrades a Harbinger can obtain beyond their basic weapon upgrade. The Transmogrification Tremorstave spam strategy is legitimate.
Kraggi said…
Yes, if you upgrade to a harbinger of any type you have to pay the allotted cost and swap their staff of light for a specific weapon. In this case a tremrstave
Warlord22 said…
solar pulse
is clearly the strongest... makes enemy shooting a lot harder for 2 turns if you have 2 of these
must have IMO

could be good if it works with Worldscape (FAQ pls) + you can take Orikan aswell to double the use

could also be good if you can use it on Immotheks roll for night-fight (FAQ pls)

the rest of the powers are useless
Kraggi said…
I will be trying games with lots of the Cryptek items, I really like trying them all out. The Solar Pulse seems like a no brianer but I am gonna see how I do without it, cause I know it will help with it.