Necrons - 3 Games in - Some Thoughts

This week I was lucky enough to get 4 games in, three of which were with my Necrons.

I played my first game with the list from this post, and the next two with this list.

In the first and last games I was playing a Space Wolf Deathstar. Did I mean that... ummm, yep I did I am pretty sure a lone snub fighter coulda taken it out, however my lists were fresh outta snub fighters.

It ran something to the tune of:

Logan Grimnar
Ragnar Blackmane
Wolf Guard, Arjac, 4 Terminators, 1 Standard Power Armour, Landraider Redeemer
Grey Hunters x 10
Long Fangs, 3 Rockets, 2 Lascannons.

Not a lot, and since its based on two Landraiders I figured I stood a chance.

However both Landraiders had Extra Armour (which will probably become standard on bigger tanks again now) and needed me to get the Elusive 6 for an immoblised result.

Suffice to say that in both games the Necrons performed admirably, however in the end they got slapped around by a large Deathstar unit that did its job perfectly.

The first game result in an overwhelming victory for my opponent. The second game I lost by 1 kill point. Not bad considering I wasnt using any of the new toys yet.

To be honest this isnt the list I expect to see most weeks so we will see how it behaves as time goes on.

The middle game was against Dark Eldar and ended up with a victory to myself, as Monoliths moving troops around really comes in hand for torrent of fire in towards the end of the game!

Overall it felt lacking from the Necrons, but again without many of the new Toys that should be expected somewhat.

More games in next week I hope, and hopefully my newly bought Annhilation / Catacomb Barge will be a nice bonus to the list.

What did I learn?

Monoliths - For 200 points they are still pretty awesome. I didnt lose one of the ones I fielded in three games, admittedly there wasnt tons of dedicated anti tank, but they are still pretty good for their Price. Pity about the Particle Whip being Ordnance and preventing me from using me other weapons as well, but they made their points worth.

3+ Armour Saves - Yep I can still fail them like a pro as my Wraiths and Destroyers found out to their disadvantage

Scarabs - Not to say that the internet is right or anything but these guys are awesome and for 15 points a base if you can get them to the enemy you will not get a better bang for your buck.

Heavy Destroyers - Still suck against Landraiders, no surprises really.

Overlords with the Phaeron special Rule are not a bad thing at all!

More learnings next week (or so I hope).

Here are a few pictures from the three games.

Pictures from Game 1

Pictures from Game 3


Rusty Nail said…
Yoou definitely won't see that army from me again - it was nice to experiment a bit but your GK showed exactly how easy it was to take apart.
Might have a try at a proper Logan Wing list at some point in the furture, but it'll be back to a more sensible SW list and hopefully some Dark Eldar goodness/badness on Wednesday as well.