A Loathing for Drop Pods.

This week has so far only seen me play two games.

My list is doing a very good job of dealing with footslogging horde armies or mixed forces of Armour and Men, however it has now faced an entirely Mech Marine force (Space Wolves to be exact).

In this case the army was found sadly lacking.

My opponents force ran something to the tune of (Tom please correct me if I am wrong).

Rune Priest
Rune Priest
Rune Priest

Dreadnought w/ Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer & Drop Pod
Dreadnought w/ Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer & Drop Pod
Dreadnought w/ Multi-Melta, Storm bolter & Drop Pod

Grey Hunter Squad, Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen & Wolf Standard & Razorback
Grey Hunter Squad, Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen & Wolf Standard & Razorback
Grey Hunter Squad, Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen & Wolf Standard & Razorback

Heavy Support:

Now this list had first turn against me and managed to get two of its Dreadnoughts down in the middle of my lines.

This was mostly my fault for a poor setup. When those Dreadnoughts landed one took out my Command Squad and Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team. The other immobilised my Battle Tank.

Hardly devastating losses, but the fact I now had two Dreadnoughts on the Table, which had to be dealt with meant I had to divert my firepower from dealing with the oncoming mass of Tanks.

It resulted in a very poor showing from me and my guard… and a serious rethink. I basically need to redesign the force so that it is capable of dealing with these Dreadnoughts in a more effective manner.

There is no way for me to prevent them from landing, however I need to better control where they land, and make sure I have the right type of firepower to deal with them in 1 turn (excluding seriously bad luck).

I also do not want to loose my ability to pound footslogging armies, so here is a new list, with a different twist to see if I can squeeze something out of this.

Now this list is a bit of a pie in the sky list as I don’t own 3 of the models in it… however I will be picking them up very very soon.

Company Command Squad, 3 x Grenade Launchers, Regimental Standard

Command Squad, 4 x Flamers
Infantry Squad, Autocannon
Infantry Squad, Autocannon
Infantry Squad, Autocannon
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

Veteran Squad, 3 x Meltaguns

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Hydra Flak Tank Battery, 2 Tanks, Both with Heavy Flamer
Leman Russ Squadron, 2 Battle Tanks, with Heavy Flamer

Total 1500 Points

The advantages of this list are more targets for my opponent to chose from. The Hydra Flak Tanks put out 8 Twin Linked Strength 7 shots a turn, which stands a good chance of being able to inflict more wounds on infantry than a single battle cannon, and also is MUCH more likely to deal with Light Tanks in an effective manner.

The Leman Russ are more vulnerable to death in a squadron, but do get Extra Armour for free, and it also means that I get to allocate damage to them, that could help a lot.

The Manticore is in because I love the model… it just looks awesome and I have read many good things about them on the web.

The Regimental Standard is there to help my men stay where I want them too.. allowing me to re-roll Pinning Checks and Morale checks for 15 points... something I should have been using from the start.

The number of Infantry I can put on the table should mean that I can seriously restrict the places for the Dreadnoughts to land, in addition to this the Vendettas zooming away should give them something else to think about and deal with.

As always comments tips and suggestions are appreciated.

Khador – Building a Battle Group (Part 2)

Ok so in the first part I covered the options I have for a Warcaster. In the end I picked the Butcher.

So with that in mind I now have to pick the rest of my force. This time I am going to focus on the Options I have for my Warjacks.

The smallest game size is 15 points, and with the Butchers bonus of 6 Warjack points that means I have 21 points to spend, as long as a minimum of 6 of them are spent on Warjacks.

So first things first. What options do I have?

Well I picked up the Khador Battlegroup, this gave me a Juggernaut and a Destroyer. I have also just got the Heavy Warjack box, which gives me the options for any 1 of the following: Juggernaut, Destroyer, Marauder & Decimator. I also now own a Devastator.

Before I start looking at each Warjack in turn, lets see what they all have in common.

As they are all the same Chassis all of the Warjacks have the Same SPD, STR, MAT, RAT, DEF, ARM. They also have the same damage Grid, so the differences between the ‘Jacks is in their armament, and their point costs.


This ‘Jack comes with an Open fist which is useful for locking enemy arms and can be really good for reducing an opponents ARM value if they are using a Shield. It also means their Initial Attacks are spent trying to break the lock

It also has an Ice Axe. This weapon does an awesome amount of damage before you even have to roll a dice, and enemies do not want to be hit by it. If you manage to get a Critical hit (buy rolling a double on a successful attack roll) then you Freeze your opponent. This basically means they are stationary and you are then Guaranteed to hit them with any other attacks.

This ‘Jack comes in at a reason 7 points each.


The two weapons this ‘Jack has are the Executioner Axe and the Bombard.

The Bombard is basically a Mortar, it can only make one attack a turn, but has a decent AOE of 3” and a good POW, meaning it can cause a lot of problems for whoever you shoot it at. The problem is that this ‘Jack Chassis has a low RAT, meaning you will probably need to boost the Attack Roll.

The Executioner Axe is another nice weapon, while it doesn’t do as much damage as the Ice Axe it also has an ability that is triggered when you get a Critical. As the name of the Axe suggests it is not an fun thing to have happen to you, although it isn’t an instant death like ability. Basically when you get a Critical hit, if you damage any system boxes then the system you damage is automatically destroyed, and you have to cross all the damage boxes relating to that system on the damage grid. Quite nice, as it means you can cripple a ‘Jack with 1 hit.

This ‘Jack costs 9 points.


This ‘Jack has two of the same weapons, Ram Pistons. They both have the same POW so are again doing pretty good damage with average rolls (around 23 damage on an unboosted damage roll).

The Advantage this ‘Jack has is that it can make a Combo attack using both weapons. If it is successful then you make one Attack roll, and if you Hit then your target takes a hit equal to the ‘Jacks Strength and double the weapon POW, this pushes its unboosted damage to 27.

It also Slams the target D6” directly away from it, if you position it down then you can knock down this target and another target by Slamming this target into it.

This ‘Jack comes in at 7 points


Now this ‘Jack actually excites me. It has two very nice weapons, the Dozer which is a ranged weapon and the Rip Saw for Melee.

Starting with the Dozer, this ‘Jack can make two shots a turn, which have a very nice POW, the Range isn’t awesome at only 10”, but it will make your opponent think twice before just running range of it. With Boosted damage rolls you will be doing around the 25 Damage mark.

Once you make a successful attack you also get to push the target model 1” away from your ‘Jack and then the ‘Jack gets to advance 1”.

The Rip Saw is the weapon I really like, it has a good POW, and with unboosted damage rolls will be doing 25 damage on a hit. It also has the special ability Sustained Attack, this basically means that if you hit an enemy in combat with this once, then you do not have to roll to hit again, you just hit Automatically. This means less need for Focus to boost your attack rolls and either more Boosted damage rolls or more attacks.

This ‘Jack comes in at 9 points as well.

This 'Jack I just recently purchased from another Khador player who was selling some of his models.

This model has an awesome ARM value of 25 while it advances across the battlefield. Its arms can never be locked, and it can move enemy models that it charges.

It also has a nice AOE attack that it can do in combat which hits everything in B2B and within 3", this is another way of wiping out units of infantry.

This 'jack comes in at 9 Points.

The Decision

So these guys are the ones I have the options for.

One of the selections I used recently is 3 Juggernauts. That would use up all of my points allocation, but gives me 3 ‘Jacks that are all beasts in combat… if I can get into combat that is. With the Butcher and his feat it means that in one round I could be rolling 4D6 in addition to a P&S 19 attack. That should kill anything they hit in short order. This actually happened in one game with two of the Juggernauts hitting an opposing Heavy Warjack each, and with 1 Open Fist Attack and 2 Frost Axe attacks killing both Warjacks. It was impressive and a little bit scary.

Another option, and one I am more likely to try is a Juggernaut and a Decimator. I prefer the Decimator to the Destroyer and the Juggernaut has the Open fist which is useful for dealing with enemy weapons that scare me or shields that increase an enemies ARM value.

With that in mind I think I prefer the idea of a Juggernaut and a Decimator. The two of them total 16 points, which leaves me 5 points for units and/or Solos. The other advantage is that against people with a lot of infantry a Destroyer will be a better choice and is just a straight swap.

There are several more Warjacks that I really like the look of, and I may use if I ever get round to picking one up, but until then these are what I have.

I will cover the final additions to my Battlegroup in the next article.

Recent Aquisitions; Warmachine

So one of the people I know from my local store has decided that Warmachine is not for him. Partially I think be cause of bad experience and because the play style and game play is a step away from what some gamers are used to.

On the plus side it meant he has sold me his Retribution of Scyrah models and the book. Another Warmachine force, and I can only hope that I can do the models justice as they are very Eldary in appearance and I sucked at painting Eldar on the one time I tried.

I got a Heavy Warjack, 2 Light Warjacks, 3 Solo's (including one that counts as a Mercenary and can be used by several forces, and 2 Warcasters (one of which isnt included in the picture below)

Games on a Wednesday

Today was much like all my other Wednesdays with me heading down to my local store for a couple of games.

I only managed two, both at 1500 points, both with my Imperial Guard. The first was against Jordans foot slogging Orks, which I managed to win by wiping him out, although it took 7 turns and the lives of 25 Guardsmen.

The second was against Toms Space Wolves, the second time I fought this list, and the things that kill me in it are the Three Drop Podding Dreadnoughts. I mean two landed on turn 1 and wiped out my Lascannon battery, and my Company Command squad. Last time I had a bit more luck with me I think.

This was of course using the list I posted two days ago... which did not fair well... so how do I deal with this setback? Well I write another 1500 point list to take into account Tom's changes, and that can hopefully still deal with armies like Jordans Orks.... more on this in another post.

Also apologies for the lack of photo's, I have misplaced my camera and am stumped at where the hell I put it...

End of the Day:

Imperial Guard Won 1, Lost 1

(Incidently this knocked me off the top of the shop ladder 3 days before the end of the league so me thinks that I have another 3 days of games ahead this week).

Imperial Guard 2000 Points – All Comers List (I hope)

So on the back of my 1500 point lists that I have been posting, I have written a 2000 point list for my Imperial Guard. It is basically an expansion of aforementioned 1500 points.

The idea of the lists I post is that they are All Comers lists which do not need changes to be able to play against any other list. These lists will always struggle against a list built specifically to beat them, but other than that they should give me a good chance.

So for 2000 points I have tweaked the list around slightly. It now includes:

Company Command Squad; 3 Sniper Rifles, Master of the Fleet, Astropath
Primaris Psyker

1st Platoon
Command Squad; Vox Caster, 3 x Flamers
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Autocannon
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Autocannon
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Lascannons

2nd Platoon
Command Squad; Vox Caster, 3 x Flamers, Captain Al’rahem, Chimera w/ Hull Heavy Flamer
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Meltagun, Chimera w/ Hull Heavy Flamer
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Meltagun, Chimera w/ Hull Heavy Flamer

Veteran Squad; Grenadiers, 3 x Meltagun’s, Sergeant w/ Power Fist & Melta-bombs

Valkyrie Assault Carrier, Multiple Rocket Pods

Leman Russ; Hull Heavy Flamer
Leman Russ; Hull Heavy Flamer
Leman Russ Demolisher; Multi-Melta Sponsors, Hull Heavy Flamer

Total: 2000 Points
Total Models: 90
Max Kill Points: 20
Min Kill Points: 17

So this list is ideal in Objective based games, it has 9 scoring units, 6 of which can be mounted in a Transport, and 3 of which have to outflank.

It also has a fair amount of long ranged firepower for reducing the enemy that will most likely be hurtling towards them.

The down side is in Kill Point games… 20 kill points is a lot, and even if I try and do my best to reduce it I cannot go below 17. Realistically I will not be combining the squads in the 2nd Platoon so that means 19 kill points on offer… a worrying thought.

The best way to use this force is going to be to focus fire down a Kill point or 2 a turn. Most likely will be the kill points that are likely to get to me first, or the ones with big templates.

As usual I welcome any comments or feedback. If you can see an obvious weakness or something you would exploit then I would really like to hear from you.

An Evolution of 1500 points of Imperial Guard

So here is my current 1500 points Guard army list. This is very similar to all of the 1500 point lists I have been posting in the last few weeks.

Company Command Squad, Vox, 3 x Snipers, Master of the Ordnance

Command Squad; Vox Caster, 3 x Flamers
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Autocannon
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Autocannon
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Rocket Launcher
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Lascannons

Veteran Squad; 2 x Flamers, 1 x Meltagun
Veteran Squad; 3 x Meltagun

Valkyrie; Multiple Rocket Pods

Leman Russ
Leman Russ
Leman Russ Demolisher

This list has a lot of redundancy, with every squad in it capable of killing Transports (well except for the Platoon Command Squad). It does offer 6 armoured targets for my enemies to deal with, 3 of which will scout move 24” before the game begins. It also has 4 Marine killing Pie Plates, and another 2 on the Valkyrie for dealing with Hordes.

Overall I am happy with the list, and am now just beginning to tweak it each week.

This week I want to tweak it to get a Primaris Psyker in as he proved to be awesome in the Combat Patrol I would like to give him a try in this size of game. Now given that against Space Wolves and Blood Angels they are likely to have at least 1 Psyker this could prove interesting, however I think he will still be useful, if for nothing else than drawing Rune Priests and Librarians towards him to negate his powers.

The main problem is where to find the points to get him in, especially as I want to try and minimise the changes to the army.

So after much deliberation I decided that dropping one of the Infantry Squads, the one with the Rocket Launcher and replacing it with the Primaris Psyker.

I have also decided to swap out the Master of Ordnance and replaced him with an Officer of the Fleet. This should help against reserving enemies.

So two changes and another incarnation of my 1500 points, but one that gives me a few more tactical options, either giving cover saves my men in the open, or on the offensive 24”, Strength 6, 2D6 shots a turn.

Company Command Squad, Vox, 3 x Snipers, Officer of the Fleet
Primaris Psyker

Command Squad; Vox Caster, 3 x Flamers
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Autocannon
Infantry Squad; Vox Caster, Autocannon
Heavy Weapons Squad; 3 x Lascannons

Veteran Squad; 2 x Grenade Launchers, 1 x Meltagun
Changed from Flamers after Folkert's excellent observation below.
Veteran Squad; 3 x Meltagun

Valkyrie; Multiple Rocket Pods

Leman Russ
Leman Russ
Leman Russ Demolisher

Games this Week

Apologies for the lack of pictures or Battle reports this week, but I thought I would post up how I did.

On tuesday I popped over to my brothers and managed a 2000 point game with my Gaurd against his Blood Angels. The Space Vampires ripped my armies head, legs and arms off. They then did nasty things to my torso. Basically it was a less than fun game for my army, but a definate learning experience, and I look forward to a rematch in the coming weeks.

I managed a 1500 point game with my Imperial Guard in the Shop league on Wednesday. I was playing Space Wolves with 5 Objectives and a Dawn of War Deployment and somehow I ended up with a win. This was mainly because the two of us forgot which player went first, we also messed up our deployment. I blame the early morning nature of the game.

This basically meant that my opponent (who went first) played his turn 5 as if it was his turn 4, whereas I played my Turn 5 as it he was gonna have another turn which meant I grabbed as many objectives as I could. I ended up Winning 1 - 0.

From then I then played 5 Games of the Linebreaker Mission from the Battlemissions book. To be honest these 5 games were disappointing as the game doesnt feel like breaking through a Line... but I am currently preparing a special post of the Linebreaker Scenario so I will cover that later.

The final game was with my Khador against a Merc Battlegroup. The game was very fun, and only lasted 20 minutes. As I managed to get my Warcaster into combat with their Warcaster and I killed them with 3 Attacks.

End of the Week:

Imperial Guard: 1 Win, 1 Loss
Khador: 1 Win.

Review: Forces of Warmachine: Khador

So, in my dive back into the world of wargaming I decide to pick up the Forces of Warmachine; Khador book.

The book itself works in a similar fashion to how Codices work in Warhammer 40,000. However, you do not need to purchase this book to play Warmachine using a Khador force.

The Warmachine core book provides all the information you will need for several Warcasters, Warjacks and Units.

This book provides the same information, and expands on it. You get more Unit, Warjack, Warcaster and Solo choices in here.

You also get an massive background section which details where the Khador are in the current time of the game. It gives you back stories for why some of their Warcasters are the way they are.

It also gives you the information on the Epic Warcaster variants. An Epic Warcaster is basically the same as the standard Warcaster of the same name, but he will have slightly different stats and spells. The idea is to represent the character progression for these Warcasters as the War progresses.

You also get access to Tiered army lists. Basically a Tier army is where you pick a specific Warcaster and build your army around them. Each Warcaster (or version of each Warcaster) has an army list which can be tailored around them.

The Requirements for the first Tier are pretty easy to meet, and provides you with some bonus, this could be a reduction in the points cost of a unit, or an extra special rule. To be able to get the bonuses from the higher Tiers you have to fufil all of the lower Tier requirments. This means if you buld a Tier 4 list then you will have 4 special bonuses in effect, although your army list will be restricted as to what you have.

Some of the Tier requirements are simple like making sure you only use the units/warjacks/solos listed. Other requirements need you to have 4 unit of a specific type. All in all it just adds a bit of flavour to the armies.

Overall I give this an 8/10. The book itself is a bit pricey (£25), but it is full colour and has a lot of awesome content. The other plus is that you dont have to buy it. Personnally I think you are missing out if you dont pick it up but you can still play the game without it.

2250 Points of Dwarf.

So my Dwarves made it out for a game or two recently. Mainly because a lot of people at my FLGS are playing in a tournament in the next few weeks.

They all wanted me to produce a 2250 list with my Dwarves to get an idea of how they would do against a static gunline, something that Dwarves, and my Dwarves in particular are reliable for putting out.

So the list I built up was as follows:

Runelord; Spell Eater Rune & 2 Runes of Spell Breaking

Runesmith; Master Rune of Balance
Thane: Rune Weapon with Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune Armour with Rune of Stone, Oath Stone

Thunderers: 10
Thunderers: 10
Thunderers: 10
Longbeards: 25, Shields, Full Command
Dwarf Warriors: 25, Shields, Full Command

Hammerers: 20, Shields, Full Command
2 x Bolt Throwers

Organ Cannon
Organ Cannon

So this was my list for 2250 points. Not ideal, although that is because I made the mistake of writing it at 4am. So this post is to show you what I would change in the aforementioned list. Mostly because I am awake, and partly because of what went wrong for me.

In the game I played the Bolt Throwers didn’t do very much, they had 3 turns of shooting and missed every turn. They are on their way out.

The Oathstone, while useful just didn’t end up being needed, partly because of my setup and the fact my opponent only had two Large combat units. The rest died to my shooting.

The Hammerers didn’t do badly for me, but didn’t really do anything, mainly for fear of the Screaming bell and its unit.

The Cannons were superb, as were the Organ guns. The Thunderers also weren’t too shabby. My Runesmith and RuneLord had a minimal effect but that may be because my enemy miscast on the first magic phase and failed their spells in the other ones.

The other problem I have is fear causing enemies, and the fact that they are likely to be outnumbering me lots and lots. This is where the Dwarves high leadership is completely useless.

Now there are options, like making a Character cause fear, or making the unit immune to fear and terror, the other one (perhaps the cheapest) is to just try and reduce the numbers of any Fear causing unit I can face with more shooting.

Well bearing all of the above in mind, this is what I came up with.

Dwarf Lord; Shield Bearers,
--------Runic Weapon; Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Might, Rune of Fury
--------Runic Armour; Rune of Preservation

Runesmith; Master Rune of Balance
Runesmith; Rune of Spellbreaking x 2
Thane: Shield
-------Runic Weapon: Rune of Might, Rune of Fury,
-------Runic Armour Rune of Persevation, Rune of Stone

Thunderers x 12
Thunderers x 12
Longbeards x 25, Shields, Command, Rune of Battle

Hammerers x 21, Command, Rune of Determination, Rune of Sanctuary x 2
Cannon; Engineer
Cannon; Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning
Cannon; Rune of Forging
Organ Cannon
Organ Cannon

This army loses a total of 6 Thunderer shots from the previous one and two Bolt Throwers. It also loses a 25 Dwarf unit of Warriors.

So what does it gain? Well it gains an extra shot with a Cannon, A Dwarf Lord designed to splat Doomwheels (by inflicting wounds and then winning on combat resolution) and other tough units.

It also has a Thane that can inflict wounds on a Doomwheel which means the unit he is with should be even less likely to break.

The Hammerers are basically unbreakable in combat. They are stubborn unit with a Magic Resistance (2) and the ability to test break tests on a single D6.

The Dwarf Lord in this unit makes it immune to fear and terror which means being outnumbered and losing combat isn’t an issue. It also means the enemy has to slog through every single model in the unit before it is gone (well that’s the theory).

Any suggestions or feedback let me know.

The Linebreaker

This Wednesday in addition to my normal games at my FLGS, it is a 40K Demo night. This means that there will be a demo of 40K going on for people that are interested in finding out more.

There will also be the Linebreaker challenge. The Scenario is being taken straight from the Battlemissions rulebook. The only modification is that there may be more than three Baneblades and more than 1500 points of opponents.

I got the idea to run this from the Warpstone Flux Monthly Challenge for April. I will have some pictures up and running in the week following the event, along with a list of the successful and unsuccessful armies.

Its gonna be a very interesting day!

Doubles Tournament - The Conclusion

This is the conclusion to the piece of fiction that I wrote for the Doubles Tournament I took participated in down at GW HQ.

The First part can be found here.

Daemons… of all the things that their commander Kangor had informed them they could meet, Daemons were the last of them. They all knew that the Varcan Cluster had been cursed by Chaos, but none of the Guardsmen of the Methelas 1st Airborne had encountered the curse before today.

It had started well, Captain Kangor's announcement that they would be going in had raised his men’s spirits. At least they knew that after the long flight in the treacherous conditions their Captain was still with them.

Nhojeth’s squad had been carrying their forces anti tank weapons and had been flying in the Valkyrie. They had all heard Captain Kangor’s warning and felt the change in their crafts movement as the Pilots adjusted their speed and vector.

Their formations first pass over the battlefield had revealed a Landraider and several Daemon packs. After a quick assessment the Vendettas had focused on the Landraider on their return, while their Valkyrie had targeted some of the smaller Daemons. While the Vendettas proved effective against the Landraider, blowing it up with a well place volley of Lascannon fire, the Valkyrie had little luck against the Daemon packs.

After their quick attack run, the Vendettas and Valkyrie had turned around and deployed their cargo. Nhojeth shuddered… he was the first out of his Valkyrie and the sights and the sounds when his feet hit the dirt would probably never leave him. The Sky was a sickening green hue, and the screaming of the Daemons had driven two of his squad mad the second the sound reached them.

The following six hours became the worst of his life. His squad had been tasked with finding any enemy armour and taking it out, but it appeared that the Landraider was only armour the enemy had deployed.

At one point his squad had been moving towards a cluster of trees for more cover, and to try and figure out where the Captain and the rest of their forces were when the air had suddenly turned cold. His skin, and that of his men had begun to crawl… much in the same way it did when they were around Astropath Lojac. Then in a blink of an eye the feeling had gone and they were surrounded by vile smelling Daemons. The stench had been overpowering, with several of his men retching and vomiting even while they began to fire at the enemy.

In less than 10 seconds Nhojeth had lost another three of his squad, and they only survived when a Lone Space Wolf ran into the fray, tearing into the Daemons flank and giving Nhojeth enough time to scream at his men to fallback, gaining them enough space to fire volley after volley of Lasgun fire into the Daemons. Between the torrent of fire and the Space Wolf tearing at them with his weapons the Daemons died… if such things could be said to die.

The Space Wolf emerged from the fighting with barely a scratch, and after a quick look to see that he and his men were alive had disappeared, in search of more enemies.

That was the last action two of his men saw. Both men veterans of several campaigns and good soldiers dying from what appeared to be the smallest of scratches. Scratches that turned into weeping sores and sores that decayed the bodies and minds of his men in mere minutes.

With only himself, Elano and Jodeh left in his squad, they had set off cautiously in the direction the Space Wolf had gone. It was a nerve wracking experience for Nhojeth and his men. As a Sergeant for the last three years he had never lost so many men in one battle. Every second he kept expecting his skin to start crawling and the temperature to drop.

After about a few minutes they had picked up the sound of battle, the clash of battle, and the roar of Rocket Launchers. Crawling up the side of a hill Nhojeth reached the crest just in time to see one of their Vendettas swoop low overheard, its weapons firing at a mammoth figure. The figure was bloated and disgusting, and even 50 metres away the reek emanating from it was unbearable. As one of the Vendetta’s Lascannon shots hit it full in the chest it was blasted backwards, crashing into a wall. A cheer began in his throat, but was quickly quashed as the beast got back up, much faster than Nhojeth would have thought possible for something that size. Its eyes locked on the Vendetta, it stretched out its hand and a stream of filth flew from it at the ship. Nhojeth watched in horror as the filth clogged the Vendettas engines causing it to stall mid turn. With the engines failing the Vendettas wing clipped the top of several trees, the force of which spun the Vendetta out of control and into the side of a hill. The resultant explosion left a gaping hole in the side of the hill and a plume of smoke rising from the debris.

Elano to his right suddenly roared in anger, surging to his feet, meltagun in hand. He began firing at the beast, which quickly turned its attention to him. Nhojeth and Jodeh exchange the briefest of glances before following Elano, firing as they went. The beast howled a bone chilling roar before charging at them. The stench grew worse with every bounding leap it took towards them, the three of them stood their ground firing as it came, praying to the God Emperor for a lucky shot to take it down. Ten metres from them that lucky shot came.

Three rockets thudded into the beasts back, knocking it to the side, the explosive force knock Nhojeth, Elano and Jodeh on their backs. This time the beast did not leap back to its feet, as Nhojeth rose to his feet he saw that one of the Rockets had blow one of the things legs clean off. It also barely had an army on the right side of its body, and the gaping wound from the Vendetta had expanded even more from the Rockets strikes. Shaking his head trying to clear the ringing from his ears, Nhojeth stood up. Still as unsteady on his feet as he was, and as dazed as he felt he knew that the thing was not dead. He picked up Elano's Meltagun, moving as fast as he could he placed the Meltagun's muzzle to the beasts head and pulled the trigger. The weapon vaporised its head, leaving the body twitching.

The smells and the sight of the thing up close were too much for Nhojeth and he spun away from it vomiting into the scorched grass. Slowly Elano and Jodeh pulled themselves to their feet. Nhojeth fought to bring his rebelling stomach under control, and just managed to when four Space Wolves approached, three carrying Heavy weapons with the other only holding a bolter. The one with the Bolter spoke.

“Brave to draw that abominations attention to you, brave or stupid. Which was it?”

Nhojeth wiped his mouth before standing to answer the question.

“I don’t know my Lord.”

The one with the bolter shook his helmeted head.

“Well lucky for you that we were here.” He paused before continuing. “Lucky for us that you were there.”

“My Lord?” Nhojeth asked, confused by the warriors words.

“The thing would have sensed us had you not charged it, and the angle at which it would have charged us would have proved difficult to get a kill shot, when it charged you it made it a lot more vulnerable.”

Nhojeth nodded, his brain was beginning to clear, and the Space Wolfs words made sense… to a degree. His next question needed an answer, but an answer that Nhojeth feared to know, he took a few seconds to catch his breath and compose himself before asking.

“Do you happen to know of any more survivors from our force my Lord?”

“We have seen at least one other of your craft shot down by these Traitors...”

The one with the bolter trailed off, and turned to look towards the Vendetta crash site. “You and your men will follow us, we are needed elsewhere.” The tone of the Marines voice left no room for argument. Not that Nhojeth had a chance to argue, for no sooner had he finished speaking than he and the other three Space Wolves began loping off towards the burning debris.

“Well you heard him lads.” With that Nhojeth, Elano and Jodeh started to follow the Space Wolves; follow was the only word for it as well, as they couldn’t come close to keeping up. The Space Wolves reached the hill and had fired off a volley of rockets at some enemy out of Nhojeth’s sight before he and his men were more than halfway there.

When they finally reached the hill, the scrambled to the top, climbing through the Vendetta’s wreckage and smoking hull. At the top they saw the carnage on the other side.

Daemons seemed to be everywhere. In the centre of it all Nhojeth could see a tight cluster of Space Wolves, led by the Rune Priest. Alongside them were the remnants of his sister Veteran squad, and Kangor’s command squad. Even Astropath Lojac was fighting, his robe torn and his staff discarded, Laspistol in hand.

Kangor was barking orders to the men he had with him, of the sixteen guardsmen those two squads had started with, only ten remained. The two squads flamers were spurting fire at the vile Daemons, but little seemed to slow them.

Suddenly from the trees emerged a huge bloated Daemon sitting on a throne being carried by… well by what could only seem to be smaller Daemons. It pointed… directly at Captain Kangor, its mouth moving in foul incantations. Kangor was too distracted to commanding his men to see that this thing had arrived.

Lojac’s saw it. The Astropath launched himself between Kangor and the Daemon, his Laspistol raised, and firing. The Daemon seemed to smile. Nhojeth expect a stream of corruption to engulf the Astropath, nothing happened. The seconds began to stretch.

Nhojeth snapped back to a wider focus as the thump of the Space Wolves Rockets reached his ears. His view followed the plume of the rockets as they struck home, knocking down some of the Daemons, the blasts throwing chunks of the things into the air, along with heaps of soil and smoke.

He wished his focus hadn’t shifted, through the smoke strode a sight he had dreaded seeing on the battlefield. Terminators, six of them, their armour mutated and somehow rotting, yet rotting or not it they were still Terminators. They strode through the smoke, weapons barking at the Space Wolves and Imperial Guard.

Terminators… something Nhojeth dreaded, something Nhojeth knew that even with a full squad, fresh to the battle he would be lucky to scratch. It made up his mind. For as much as the Daemon in a throne terrified him… he had seen… no he had killed a Daemon today. They could die, Terminators… well he would leave them to the Space Wolves...

“Elano, Jodeh, follow me, we are gonna sweep down and around behind that thing on the throne. Whatever it is, it seems to be targeting the Astropath, and he’s damn well saved our lives enough times… we return the favour.” The two of them nodded, although fear etched on their dirt smeared faces.

The thump of more Rockets being fired from the Space Wolves spurred them to begin to move. Nhojeth’s eyes followed the Rockets trail just in time to watch it smack home into one of the Terminators… the giant traitor took a step back, absorbing the impact, then continued its implacable march towards the surrounded Imperials.

He switched his gaze to the path ahead, as he and his men moved quickly and as silently as they could, circling around behind the enthroned Daemon. Every so often he could see the Astropath still standing facing off against the Daemon; the strain was evident on his face even from the distance Nhojeth was from him. The Captain, seeing the Astropaths plight had drawn his men in around him, protecting him from the foul Daemons. The Guardsmen fought like men possessed to stop the Daemons from reaching Lojac… so far they had succeeded… so far.

They completed their flank of the creature in about five minutes, the sounds of the battle hadn’t diminished, and only the sound of Las and Bolter fire had dropped as more Guardsmen and Space Wolves fell.

Once they were in position he took a quick assessment of the weapons they had at their disposal… Elano was once again carrying his Meltagun, although the charge on the weapon meant it would be good for one maybe two shots. They had a selection of Krak and Frag Grenades, his own Laspistol, and Jodeh's half charged Lasgun and a Chainsword.

Thinking quickly, aware his commander’s life was more than likely dependant on the three of them; he switched the Lasgun and Laspistol to full power. Less shots, but hopefully the extra power would mean they wouldn’t need them. The Meltagun had no such power settings and would simply fire at full strength until its pack ran out. The grouped the Frag and Krak grenades into a bag each, just one of them going off would set the whole thing off, and while the Frag were good at doing a lot of damage over a bigger area, Nhojeth was sure that they would need the Krak for the creature in the throne itself.

“Ok… Jodeh, when we move in I want you to set the timer going on the Frags and then lob it behind the throne, with luck it will take out those smaller creatures, hopefully knocking that thing out of the throne, then I will hit it with the Kraks and Elano can move in and finish it off with the Melta.” Both men looked like they wanted to object… to reason with him, but they were soldiers they knew that any other man in the unit would do it for them, so they weren’t going to let them down now.

Nhojeth calmed his breathing, aware these could be the last few moments of his life.

“For the Emperor” He breathed, quietly. One last quick glance at the two men with him was followed by a nod of his head. The three of them broke cover in unison, moving quickly towards the Daemon.

At forty metres some of the small creatures carrying the throne saw them, and began to jabber to the Daemon on top.

At thirty metres the throne began to turn, as the creatures alerted their master to a closing presence. Jodeh set the timer and threw the Frag pack in a long arc so that it landed next to the throne.

At twenty five metres the Frag pack detonated, the throne had turned halfway and had its back to the explosion, the throne itself shielded the Daemon from the blast, but the detonation made the small creatures carrying the throne pop in a wave, tumbling the throne forward.

At twenty metres, Nhojeth threw his Krak pack, after setting the timer at three seconds; he looked away just after seeing the pack hit the ground at the Daemons feet, the resultant blast sent a heat wave coursing over him and his men. The force of the explosion was centred in the immediate area around the grenades, so there was no shock wave to knock them down. The Daemon was not that lucky, the explosion knocked it off its feet.

At fifteen metres they broke into a run.

At ten metres, the whine of their Lasguns charging spurred all three men to sprint.

At five metres the Daemon was struggling to get back to its feet, and Jodeh leapt at it, Lasgun on Full Auto for all of two seconds before his power pack drained. The force of his impact knocked the Daemon back down, but the impact itself seemed to infect Jodeh instantly with some horrific disease as in seconds his Skin blistered, and flesh burned... pus leaking from his orifices. His screams were only cut short after Nhojeth shifted his aim and put Las shot through his forehead.

Elano made sure he stayed clear of the Daemon as he skipped round its failing arms. His Meltagun was quickly pointed directly at the things face as he pulled the trigger as fast as the gun would charge. Each shot of a Meltagun could burn through the thickest armour at point blank, but the first few shots did nothing as the Daemon continued to laugh. The third shot stopped it laughing as it burnt a hole clear through the things head, and scorched the earth beneath. The fourth shot hit nothing… in the few seconds between shots the Daemon simply disappeared, leaving behind a blighted patch of grass.

The sounds of battle suddenly reached through the Nhojeth’s focus, and he realised that the noise he had associated with the Daemons had stopped… as had the smell that accompanied them. All of the Daemons had gone.

He quickly scanned the battlefield, in time to see the Terminators teleporting away, mere seconds before howling Space Wolves reached them. The fight had ended.

Well that was what Nhojeth had thought then, he and Elano had moved to regroup with the rest of their force, bodies of his fellow Guard were everywhere, with the occasional mound of grey armour where an Astartes had fallen.

He was searching for his Captain; He knew Kangor had still been alive just before they had begun their charge at the Daemon. After a couple of minutes he saw his Captains familiar form crouched over someone, as he moved closed he realised it was the Astropath. He quickly hurried over to his Captains side.

“The Great Father comes for us… the Great Father comes for us… the Great Father comes for us…” The chant was coming from the Astropath. Captain Kangor looked up as Nhojeth approached.

“I see you survived then Sergeant?” He said. Nhojeth nodded.

"What is wrong with the Astropath Captain?” He asked in return. The Captain shook his head, standing from where he was beside the Astropath.

“That Daemon in the throne has corrupted his mind.” While he spoke he drew his Laspistol, checking its power setting before aiming it at the Astropaths head. “I pray the Emperor can save his soul, for his body is lost to us”

Just as Kangor was about to pull the trigger the Astropath lurched upright. The sudden movement started the Captain and the Laspistol whined as it discharged its bolt directly into the Astropaths forehead. The shot didn’t stop him. His arms moved grabbing Kangor’s arm with one hand, his other hitting Nhojeth in the chest, throwing him to the ground.

Nhojeth was frantically drawing his Laspistol watching in horror as the Astropath grabbed the Captain. The Captain wasn’t going down without a fight though, one hand pulling the trigger on his Laspistol, while his other arm was battering the Astropath trying to make him let go.

Then in a blink of an eye the Captain was free, one of the Space Wolves had pounced on the Astropath, throwing the Captain away, while holding the struggling Astropath at arms length his feet dangling. The Astarte’s smoothly drew his Bolt Pistol with one hand, put the barrel of the gun mere inches from the Astropaths head and pulled the trigger.

The Astropath who had been screaming about the Great Father was cut off mid sentence as the bolt round hit his head, which exploded, leaving the Astropaths body limp in the Space Wolves grip.

Another Space Wolf, a Rune Priest by Nhojeth's reckoning from the marks on his armour and Cloak on his back moved towards the Captain. Its massive frame was encased in a suit of Terminator armour, with a majestic Wolf pelt cloak attached to its back.

Nhojeth picked himself up, moving a quickly as he dared towards his fallen Captain, moving into the shadow the Rune Priests armour cast upon the ground.

“The Daemon infected your Astropath Captain. The perils of the warp and witch craft,” said the Rune Priest in a deep bass voice. “I fear that despite your bravery in coming to our aid that the Daemon will claim you too. Already I sense the infection is moving through your system. Very soon you will turn on us the same as the Astropath.” The Rune Priest hung his head. “May the Emperor forgive me.”

The Captain was barely moving and a visible infection was now moving up his arm from where the Astropath had grabbed him. His eyes were sunk and his breathing shallow. So very different from the Astropath… yet given what Nhojeth had just been through, so very believable as a taint.

Nhojeth stood backing away from his Captain; he knew what would come next. The Rune Priest stood as well. The rest of the Space Wolves moved around the Captain, as did the remaining Guardsmen. Only four of them were left including himself. Two Vendetta crew were busy prepping their vehicle for flight. He looked round himself counting the Space Wolves, seeing only eight survivors. He shuddered despite himself. To see so few Astartes still standing sent a chill down his spine.

“We sons of Russ do not require help often. Nor do we acknowledge another’s actions on the battlefield unless they are great deeds. This battle was great and worthy of many a song and tale.” He paused looking directly at Nhojeth and each of his men. None of them could meet his gaze. “Captain Kangor the actions of your men will be well remembered. Myself and my Brothers will spread the word of the bravery of the Methelas 1st Airborne to our Kin, and we will speak well of your actions to your superiors.” He paused again, shaking his head slightly. “It is with the deepest regrets that I did not get the chance to know you better, and I now commend your soul to our God Emperor.” A single thunder crack rang out as the Priests Boltgun shell hit the Captain in the chest, ending his suffering.

The Astartes dispersed, as did the remaining survivors, all of them making their way to the Vendetta that’s engines were humming back into life. Nhojeth went to move towards the Vendetta when he felt a huge hand touch his shoulder. He looked round seeing the Rune Priest.

“Your Captain was a brave man, his bravery, and yours will not soon be forgotten by us. It is easy for us Astartes for this is what we do. I think sometimes we do not always see the worth of our allies in the Imperial Guard. Now my eyes are open.” He said. “Let us leave this place and report to your Command, they will be wondering where you and your men went I imagine.”

Nhojeth nodded, reporting to High Command, the only thing that was likely to keep him away from a firing squad would be the Space Wolves report. He knew that they had been meant to deploy in the defence of Hallan's capitol, a defence that he dearly hoped had gone well.

As they walked back to the Vendetta he saw a Lone Space Wolf standing off to one side.

“Is he not coming with us?” Nhojeth asked. The Rune Priest looked up at the figure standing to one side.

“No, Brother Rankon will be staying here, he will gather both of our dead, and guard them until we can return to give them a proper burial.”

At that Nhojeth smiled. The men he had gone into battle with had been his brothers in arms, a family he had chosen to become part of. It seemed fitting to him that they would be safe in death… watched by Warriors of the God Emperor.

Theorycraft - Blood Angel Drop Pods

So on the pack of my Space Marine and Space Wolf Drop Pod lists, this time it is the turn of the Blood Angels.

First things first the list presented here, works perfectly well with the Blood Angels Codex. In fact given the extra rules the Blood Angels get probably mean it is more worthwhile fielding as a Blood Angels army than as a Standard Space Marines.

Anyway... onto a list compiled having seen the Blood Angels codex itself.




5 Sternguard, 5 Combi Meltas, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon
5 Sanguinary Guard


10 Assault Marines, 2 Flamers, Power Weapon, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol & Power Weapon on Sergeant, Drop Pod
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol & Power Weapon on Sergeant, Drop Pod
8 Death Company, 5 Power Weapons, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon

Total; 1500 Points
Kill Points: 11.

This army has a lot of potential in the close combat department, an obvious statement I guess but still worth confirming.

You have 5 Drop Pods, so 3 in the first turn, then 2 Drop Pods in reserve and 1 other unit deep striking.

The Locator Beacons probably arent the best placed, but can easily be rejigged to another drop pod when you use the list. The aim is for them to still be around when your reinforcements arrive allowing your reinforcements some precision deployments.

The army also has all of the units in it that need to be dealt with early, you do not want to be charged by the Death Company, as on the Charge they are re-rolling all hits and wounds, and have 20 power weapon attacks, not including the Reclusiarch.

The Sternguard are there simply for wiping out Tanks, or eliminating annoying units with poor armour. The first example here are IG Command Squads, unless someone upgraded them to Carapace Armour, the Dragon Fire Rounds from the Sternguard mean no Cover Save, and no Armour save... lots of pain for them.

The Death Company are just intimindating, and are likely to take a lot of fire when they arrive, as people do not want to have to face them.

The Sanguinary Guard are much the same, people will shoot them and try to take them out because they do not want them getting close.

Hopefully these three units will mean that the Assault Marines get a bit more of a free rein, and as they are your Scoring units they are the ones you want to survive. In Objective based missions, Combat Squading out of the Drop Pods is a must, raising your scoring units to 6 and making them that much harder to wipe out.

My Games on Wednesday

So, as usual I spent most of my Wednesday over at Kingdom of Adventure. In my time there I got 1 game of Warhammer, 1 Demo Game of Firestorm Armarda, and 4 Games of Warmachine. 

The Game of Warhammer was 2250 points of Dwarves Vs Skaven. The Skaven list ran to the tune of: 

2 Doomwheels
Big Unit of Stormvermin with Screaming Bell
Four 20 Rat units of Slaves
20 Clan Rats
5 Jezzails
Large unit of Plague Bearers
2 Ratling Gatling Guns.

My Dwarves had:

Rune Lord, Runesmith, Thane
20 Warriors
25 Longbeards
20 Hammerers
30 Thunderers (Three Units of 10)
2 Cannons
2 Bolt Throwers
2 Organ Guns

This was a very fun game, unfortunately it result in a loss, with me being unable to significantly damage his two large units.

Even with all this firepower I only managed to whittle down small numbers of Skaven Slaves. Unfortunately I wasnt willing to ignore the Slaves as their rules when they lost combat meant if my Thunderers had been good enough to break them in combat it would have cost me too many models. In hindsight I should have probably taken the risk. Ah well, live and learn as they say.

The Doomwheels had different fortunes, one of them ran rampant on my left flank, the other charged twice losing combat twice, the second time it failed to rally and ran off the board. The one small gripe I have with the rules for Doomwheels is that because they move in the compulsory moves phase, they get to rally and then in the same turn they get to move... if anyone knows of a rule that shows different please let me know.

The Warmachine Games were all fought by myself with the same list. I basically had:

The Butcher
3 x Juggernauts

Both of my opponents kindly let me count my Destroyer as a Juggernaut for all the games.

My first two games were against a Cygnar opponent. Now the Cygnar are the best faction at shooting and my Opponent (Jonathon), well his army epitomises that. It had the new ranged Warcaster who I forget the name of, Two light Warjacks with Armour Piercing Guns, and full unit of Trenchers... I think. The Composition might have been slightly different but you get the Gist of it.

Now this mean both of our armies were complete opposites as mine focuses entirely on close combat, while his focuses entirely on shooting. Given that we didnt play any scenarios, both of the games were solid Victories to him, as I simply couldnt close the gap, especially as the Warcaster has a spell (Called Refuge I believe) that allows a Jack to move then shoot, and if they hit with their Shooting attack then they get to move again. Both of these games were painful for me as I didnt really do anything other than try and pen his models in, which doesnt work so well.

The Second person I played was Jordan and his Mercenary force. He had 2 Heavy Warjacks and 4 or 5 Solos. The first game was entertaining, as I had to learn about how a model with Parry can move past my models without me getting Freestrikes... this also means he can charge my Warcaster through what seems to be the tinest of gaps. That game ended rather abrupty in turn 3 as his Warcaster charged my Warcaster with all 6 focus on himself.. which means boost attack rolls, boost damage rolls and additional attacks were all available. The first one took 12 of my health.

The Second game against Jordan was a straight rematch with me vowing not to leave my Warcaster as wide open. This time my ploy worked. I managed to use Full Throttle along with my Feat in a turn which got three of my Warjacks into Combat. With their initial 2 attacks each, and then an extra one from Focus, two of my Juggernauts destroyed the two Heavy Warjacks in 1 round of combat, my other 'Jack also took 9 health off his Warcaster, and the Butcher butchered a poor solo that got too close.

The next turn resulted in a bit of damage on my Caster, and then one of my Warjacks playing Splat goes the Caster. All in all, 3 Losses and 1 Victory, but Warmachine is definately a game worth playing. If you are interested in a quick review of it, then click here.

The final game I played (although they werent all played in this order) was a Demo game of Firestorm Armarda. It was highly entertaining with a starter fleet of each side, and two players a side. Unfortunately my Dindrenzi lost... quite badly as well. The Shields that the Terrans have are awesome if you can roll lots of sixes when using them. Running this demo reminded me that I need to finish painting and basing my ships, and get some more games in as the game is very fun to play. Here is a review of this game as well.

So overall. I had 6 Games, with 1 Win and 5 Losses. I will count the Firestorm one as they were my models even though I didnt play as them. More stats for the box on the right.

Review: Warmachine

So here is my review of Warmachine. The game had its second edition released in January.

The idea of Warmachine is best encapsulated by Privateer Presses own statement:

“Play like you’ve got a Pair”

The game itself is brutal and violent and very tactical.

The Core Rulebook is £25 with a starter Battleforce costing £33. This gives you enough to play the game and you will only need to add a select few extra models as you go.

Personally I think it is far cheaper to play than 40K and it does offer a different way to wargame.

So, onto the game play itself.

The Stats.

The Stats in Warmachine work in a different way to other games. Here is a quick break down of the Standard stats you will see:

SPD: This is how many inches the Model can move per turn
STR: The models Strength, this is used to calculate how much damage they do in Close Combat
MAT: This is their Melee Attack Rating. You add this to a 2D6 roll and compare it to your targets Defence. If you beat it then you hit them.
RAT: This is their Range Attack Rating and functions in the same way as MAT, except it is used for ranged weapons.
DEF: This is how hard it is to hit the model. The higher the better.
ARM: This is subtracted from the enemies damage roll to determine how much damage you take.
CMD: This represents a models willpower and leadership.

The Turn.

The way players take their turn is the same as 40k, each player moves, shoots and fights with all of the models or units in their force until they are done, then play switches to the opposite player.

The player who goes first is either decided by the Scenario, or by a roll off.


So when it is your turn… what do you get to do?

Well the first thing is the allocation of FOCUS. Each Warcaster has a set amount of Focus per turn, and their Warjacks require Focus to perform certain actions.

This is actually the hardest part of the game to learn. Each Warjack can have a maximum of 3 focus allocated to it, and this Focus is required to Charge, Run, Perform Special Attacks, Boost Hit or Damage rolls and to get Extra Attacks.

Planning your Focus allocation is very important, because once you have done it you cannot change it, at least not until your next turn when you have to do it all over again.

Focus is also used by the Warcaster, they use it for Boosting their Hit or Damage rolls, extra attacks and for Spells. Any unused Focus is left on the Warcaster and gives them a boost to their ARM stat. +1 for each focus left on them.

Once you have allocated all of your focus you get to activate each model in your force one at a time. You have to complete all of your actions with model before moving onto the next.


So what can a model do?

When you activate a model it gets to Move and then perform another action.

Movement options consist of just moving upto your Speed, Running or Charging.

Charging gives you a special bonus for the first attack you perform after the Charge, but you do not have to charge to be able to make a Melee attack. You can simply move in range of the enemy to be able to hit them.

Running forfeits all of your actions and allows you to move faster than usual. This tends to be used early in the game rather than later as the two sides try to close the gap.

A Range attack is an action you can perform after your movement. You can perform as many Range attacks in your models activation as your its weapons Rate of Fire (ROF). If the weapon has a ROF of greater than 1 then you can make additional shots with it if you are able to spend FOCUS.

Melee Combat is where the most damage is done to and by your forces (at least in my experience). If you manage to get into combat then you get to make 1 attack with each of the Weapons your model has that are for Melee combat. So if your model has a Fist and an Axe then you get to make two attacks, one with each. Any additional attacks above and beyond this cost FOCUS.


As I touched on previously, damage works in a different manner to how Warhammer players are normally used to. Role-players will probably be more familiar with how the Warmachine damage mechanic works.

You basically get to take the POW of your Weapon and add your Models STR (unless it is a ranged attack then you just take the POW) and you roll 2D6. You add it all together and take the models ARM value from the Total. This determines how much damage you have caused.

Against a normal model they then lose that many hit points. Against a Warjack the person that caused the damage rolls a D6 to find out which column on that Warjacks Damage grid the damage is applied to.

The Damage Grids for Warjacks are just that, 6 Columns normally with no more than 6 rows in (a fair number have less than 6 rows). This represents how much damage that Warjack can take.

Some of the boxes on the Grid are marked as system boxes, with a C (for Cortex), L (for Left Hand) and so on. When all of the boxes with one particular letter have been filled then the Warjack loses the use of that system.

This can make the game a bit more confusing with more information to track. Thankfully each of the models comes with a Stat card which has the grid on it. Putting this card in a Transparent plastic sleeve means you can easily tick the boxes off with a wipe off marker pen.


So I have covered a quick overlay of the rules, there are a couple of things I haven't mentioned.

The first are FEATS. Each warcaster has a unique feat that they may use once per game. These range from getting to roll an extra dice when doing damage, to being able to perform certain actions that normally require Focus for free. Each of these FEATS can have a huge effect on the game, so timing your use of them is crucial to get the most benefit.

The other thing is that as powerful and useful as your Warcaster is... they are also the only thing making your Warjacks work. This means that no matter how dire the game is going for you... if you can kill the enemy Warcaster you win.

In Summary

This game is a lot of fun, with some amazing models for use in it. It also isn’t hard to pick up the rules, although I know for a fact that it takes a while to master.

My Score: 10/10. I have no issues with this game, the rules are sound and luckily for me I have several opponents at my local store. It also doesn’t require 20+ dice to play with four D6 being the most I have ever seen rolled at once.

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