Combat Patrol - To the Nth Iteration

So yet another combat patrol list post.

I really feel that the Imperial Guard should be able to excel at 400 points, but so far I havent stumbled upon a list that can beat the All comers Space Wolf list.

For Clarity I will list it again (mainly in the hope of someone telling me how to beat it).

10 Grey Hunters, Flamer & Plasma Gun
6 Long Fangs, 5 Rocket Launchers
Landspeeder Tornado, Multimelta and Typhoon Rocket Launcher.

This is 400 points on the head of pure killing power. The Rockets mean they are excellent against tanks, and inflict a stupid amount of wounds against troops.

So my last list, didnt do so well against this, partly because I couldnt make him fail a pinning check. However I think this list has a chance if I get some good luck on my dice rolling and his. 

However, as I love to design army lists I figure I would also look to see what other lists I can create. 

One suggestion that I have received was from Folkert.


Platoon Command Squad, Grenade Launcher (2), Chimera, Extra Armour
Infantry Squad, Flamer, Chimera, Extra Armour
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, Chimera, Extra Armour

Fast Attack
Scout Sentinel, Multi-Laser

I havent had the chance to try this list yet, but I am stil one Chimera short. My main concern is the Tanks. The Long Fangs and the Landspeeder can potentially take out all 3 of them in 1 turn, while I do admit this is unlikely, it is one reason I have avoided fielding them.

However, although I dont have the extra Chimera needed for this list, here is a significantly modified list.

Primaris Psyker
Veteran Squad, 2 Flamers, Grenadiers Doctrine, Chimera, MultiLaser, Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad, 2 Grenade Launchers, Grenadiers Doctrine, Chimera, MultiLaser, Heavy Flamer

So this list offers me 4+ armour saves and stops those Pesky Space Wolves from killing me outright at range.

The first unit with 2 Flamers will aim to charge forward in their Chimera and toast the Grey Hunters.

The Second Veteran squad is there to deal with the Landspeeder, and then head on towards the Long Fangs. The Primaris Psyker has a good range with his Lightning and should help threaten anything I need him to.

While this list is being built to beat the Space Wolves, I do actually prefer an all comers list, this shouldnt do too badly against other Combat Patrol lists I might run into.


Tom said…
Looks like it has a chance at least - I'll try and remember to take my pups away with me so may be able to pop in on the way back on Wednesday for a try at these bad boys!;o)
Kraggi said…
I look forward to the challenge.