Combat Patrol List - Pinning Rocks

So Combat Patrol... been a while since I mentioned this on the blog.

However the easiest way to get games at my FLGS is to play Combat patrol. Now I know that the rules for this are from a previous edtion (off the top of my head) however the shop has come up with a nice set of rules that you can below:
  • The Winner is determine by Victory Points
  • Lists must be no more than 400 Points
  • Lists must include at least 1 Troop choice
  • You may include a HQ
  • No Special Characters allowed.
  • No 2+ saves allowed
  • No Single Model may have more than 2 wounds
  • Vehicle Armour Values must be equal to or less than 33 overall
  • WYSIWGY! Lists must have model representation
So these limits do take out a lot of the cool things that the Imperial Guard can get. No Leman Russ, Valks or Vendetta, Hellhounds, Company Command Squads or Lord Commissars.

Now even with all that gone there are still some nice toys to play with. Now I do not intend to build an all comers list for Combat patrol. The points are too restricted and there is simply no way to build redundancy into the list (not in my mind at least). If I stumble onto an all rounder list then wonderful, but I am not holding my hopes out for one.

The last time I was competing in against Combat Patrol lists I was seeing a lot of very successful Space Wolf lists. One example is below:
Grey Hunters x 10 (Free Special weapons)
Long Fangs x 5 all with Rocket Launchers
1 Landspeeder Typhoon with Multimelta.

This list butchered my Guard, and most of the games were well decided by the first turn. The ability for them to ignore my armour saves with all those template weapons and 6 (or 7) Rockets a turn kinda stung.

So here is a Combat Patrol list that I have thought up.

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad; 4 Sniper Rifles
Infantry Squad; Autocannons
Infantry Squad; Autocannons
Heavy Weapons Team, 3 x Mortars.

Ratling Snipers x 5

Armoured Sentinel; Autocannon
Armoured Sentinel; Autocannon

Points: 400

This list makes it a little more diffcult for the enemy as there are multiple units for them to shoot at. I also have 4 different units that can pop the light vehicles that I am going to be facing. With the other 3 units capable of pinning an enemy unit for a turn.

This will hopefully mean I can stop people from getting into me where they can cause an unholy massacre. Admittedly it will require some luck.

I can always drop the Armoured Sentinels for standard sentinels which gives me an extra 40 points to play with, which would get me another Sentinel which again means more targets to shoot and makes my points harder to take.

This list has had a game against the aforementioned Space Wolves, who got first turn and wiped me out, I didnt manage to destroy a single sqaud of enemies... so it has 1 game unders its belt as a loss... will have to see how it does in the future.

Any suggestions leave me a comment, I am interested in any Combat Patrol Guard list that works.


folkert said…
Platoon Command Squad, Grenade Launcher (2), 45
Chimera, Extra Armour, 70

Infantry Squad, Flamer, 55
Chimera, Extra Armour, 70

Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, 55
Chimera, Extra Armour, 70

Fast Attack
Scout Sentinel, Multi-Laser, 35

Total pts: 400

just something I could cook up on the top of my head :)
Kraggi said…
Hmmm, sounds good.

I just need to pick up another 2 Chimeras to give it a shot.

Thanks for the suggestion! :-)
folkert said…
ur welcome,

tell me how it went, like post about it?


Kraggi said…
I will, might try some Leman Russ tanks tomorrow when I am gaming, see if my opponent will let me proxy them :)
folkert said…
awesome. let me know :D