My Games on Wednesday

So, as usual I spent most of my Wednesday over at Kingdom of Adventure. In my time there I got 1 game of Warhammer, 1 Demo Game of Firestorm Armarda, and 4 Games of Warmachine. 

The Game of Warhammer was 2250 points of Dwarves Vs Skaven. The Skaven list ran to the tune of: 

2 Doomwheels
Big Unit of Stormvermin with Screaming Bell
Four 20 Rat units of Slaves
20 Clan Rats
5 Jezzails
Large unit of Plague Bearers
2 Ratling Gatling Guns.

My Dwarves had:

Rune Lord, Runesmith, Thane
20 Warriors
25 Longbeards
20 Hammerers
30 Thunderers (Three Units of 10)
2 Cannons
2 Bolt Throwers
2 Organ Guns

This was a very fun game, unfortunately it result in a loss, with me being unable to significantly damage his two large units.

Even with all this firepower I only managed to whittle down small numbers of Skaven Slaves. Unfortunately I wasnt willing to ignore the Slaves as their rules when they lost combat meant if my Thunderers had been good enough to break them in combat it would have cost me too many models. In hindsight I should have probably taken the risk. Ah well, live and learn as they say.

The Doomwheels had different fortunes, one of them ran rampant on my left flank, the other charged twice losing combat twice, the second time it failed to rally and ran off the board. The one small gripe I have with the rules for Doomwheels is that because they move in the compulsory moves phase, they get to rally and then in the same turn they get to move... if anyone knows of a rule that shows different please let me know.

The Warmachine Games were all fought by myself with the same list. I basically had:

The Butcher
3 x Juggernauts

Both of my opponents kindly let me count my Destroyer as a Juggernaut for all the games.

My first two games were against a Cygnar opponent. Now the Cygnar are the best faction at shooting and my Opponent (Jonathon), well his army epitomises that. It had the new ranged Warcaster who I forget the name of, Two light Warjacks with Armour Piercing Guns, and full unit of Trenchers... I think. The Composition might have been slightly different but you get the Gist of it.

Now this mean both of our armies were complete opposites as mine focuses entirely on close combat, while his focuses entirely on shooting. Given that we didnt play any scenarios, both of the games were solid Victories to him, as I simply couldnt close the gap, especially as the Warcaster has a spell (Called Refuge I believe) that allows a Jack to move then shoot, and if they hit with their Shooting attack then they get to move again. Both of these games were painful for me as I didnt really do anything other than try and pen his models in, which doesnt work so well.

The Second person I played was Jordan and his Mercenary force. He had 2 Heavy Warjacks and 4 or 5 Solos. The first game was entertaining, as I had to learn about how a model with Parry can move past my models without me getting Freestrikes... this also means he can charge my Warcaster through what seems to be the tinest of gaps. That game ended rather abrupty in turn 3 as his Warcaster charged my Warcaster with all 6 focus on himself.. which means boost attack rolls, boost damage rolls and additional attacks were all available. The first one took 12 of my health.

The Second game against Jordan was a straight rematch with me vowing not to leave my Warcaster as wide open. This time my ploy worked. I managed to use Full Throttle along with my Feat in a turn which got three of my Warjacks into Combat. With their initial 2 attacks each, and then an extra one from Focus, two of my Juggernauts destroyed the two Heavy Warjacks in 1 round of combat, my other 'Jack also took 9 health off his Warcaster, and the Butcher butchered a poor solo that got too close.

The next turn resulted in a bit of damage on my Caster, and then one of my Warjacks playing Splat goes the Caster. All in all, 3 Losses and 1 Victory, but Warmachine is definately a game worth playing. If you are interested in a quick review of it, then click here.

The final game I played (although they werent all played in this order) was a Demo game of Firestorm Armarda. It was highly entertaining with a starter fleet of each side, and two players a side. Unfortunately my Dindrenzi lost... quite badly as well. The Shields that the Terrans have are awesome if you can roll lots of sixes when using them. Running this demo reminded me that I need to finish painting and basing my ships, and get some more games in as the game is very fun to play. Here is a review of this game as well.

So overall. I had 6 Games, with 1 Win and 5 Losses. I will count the Firestorm one as they were my models even though I didnt play as them. More stats for the box on the right.