The Linebreaker

This Wednesday in addition to my normal games at my FLGS, it is a 40K Demo night. This means that there will be a demo of 40K going on for people that are interested in finding out more.

There will also be the Linebreaker challenge. The Scenario is being taken straight from the Battlemissions rulebook. The only modification is that there may be more than three Baneblades and more than 1500 points of opponents.

I got the idea to run this from the Warpstone Flux Monthly Challenge for April. I will have some pictures up and running in the week following the event, along with a list of the successful and unsuccessful armies.

Its gonna be a very interesting day!


Anonymous said…

Many thanks for running the Linebreaker at the shop even though it looked like being a very frustrating event to run in trying to find a balanced game.

Thanks again,

Kraggi said…
No problem Dave. Thanks for giving us a place to run it, and to everyone who helped us find a more balanced way to play!