Review: Forces of Warmachine: Khador

So, in my dive back into the world of wargaming I decide to pick up the Forces of Warmachine; Khador book.

The book itself works in a similar fashion to how Codices work in Warhammer 40,000. However, you do not need to purchase this book to play Warmachine using a Khador force.

The Warmachine core book provides all the information you will need for several Warcasters, Warjacks and Units.

This book provides the same information, and expands on it. You get more Unit, Warjack, Warcaster and Solo choices in here.

You also get an massive background section which details where the Khador are in the current time of the game. It gives you back stories for why some of their Warcasters are the way they are.

It also gives you the information on the Epic Warcaster variants. An Epic Warcaster is basically the same as the standard Warcaster of the same name, but he will have slightly different stats and spells. The idea is to represent the character progression for these Warcasters as the War progresses.

You also get access to Tiered army lists. Basically a Tier army is where you pick a specific Warcaster and build your army around them. Each Warcaster (or version of each Warcaster) has an army list which can be tailored around them.

The Requirements for the first Tier are pretty easy to meet, and provides you with some bonus, this could be a reduction in the points cost of a unit, or an extra special rule. To be able to get the bonuses from the higher Tiers you have to fufil all of the lower Tier requirments. This means if you buld a Tier 4 list then you will have 4 special bonuses in effect, although your army list will be restricted as to what you have.

Some of the Tier requirements are simple like making sure you only use the units/warjacks/solos listed. Other requirements need you to have 4 unit of a specific type. All in all it just adds a bit of flavour to the armies.

Overall I give this an 8/10. The book itself is a bit pricey (£25), but it is full colour and has a lot of awesome content. The other plus is that you dont have to buy it. Personnally I think you are missing out if you dont pick it up but you can still play the game without it.