Games on a Wednesday

Today was much like all my other Wednesdays with me heading down to my local store for a couple of games.

I only managed two, both at 1500 points, both with my Imperial Guard. The first was against Jordans foot slogging Orks, which I managed to win by wiping him out, although it took 7 turns and the lives of 25 Guardsmen.

The second was against Toms Space Wolves, the second time I fought this list, and the things that kill me in it are the Three Drop Podding Dreadnoughts. I mean two landed on turn 1 and wiped out my Lascannon battery, and my Company Command squad. Last time I had a bit more luck with me I think.

This was of course using the list I posted two days ago... which did not fair well... so how do I deal with this setback? Well I write another 1500 point list to take into account Tom's changes, and that can hopefully still deal with armies like Jordans Orks.... more on this in another post.

Also apologies for the lack of photo's, I have misplaced my camera and am stumped at where the hell I put it...

End of the Day:

Imperial Guard Won 1, Lost 1

(Incidently this knocked me off the top of the shop ladder 3 days before the end of the league so me thinks that I have another 3 days of games ahead this week).


folkert said…
How did the veterans work for you? was it a good change I suggested? and How were the dreadnoughts armed? I guess Heavy Flamers, but what else?


Kraggi said…
Multi-melta's and heavy flamers on two, the third had a multi-melta and stormbolter.

The Veterans didnt do badly for me, but never really go the chance, their Grenade shots stunned 1 Dread.

Am rewriting the list as I now need someway to survive the Dreads taking out something critical on turn 1 lol