Todays Games

An early night from gaming today. No pictures though as I managed to forget my camera.

However today I managed to get in 5 games. 4 Combat Patrol and 1 Challenge.

The combat patrol list was the one I created here.

It played Space Wolves 4 times, 3 different lists and 2 different players. In total I managed to lose 2, draw 1 and win 1.

The list itself played pretty well, but relies on the enemy shooting not hitting me... or not rolling well enough to stop me moving. If that happens then it doesnt end well.

The Primaris Psyker was in my list for all 4 games, and it is the only 4 games I have played with him, however he performed admirably. A definate must as the amount of shooting he can put out is actually very scary.

Other than that in all 4 of the Combat Patrol games one Chimera died on the first turn... something I think I will have to get used to.

The Challenge games was 1500 points against Blood Angels, my first game 1 on 1 with them. We rolled Annhilation and Spearhead, and I won the roll off. The list I used is a slightly modified version of this.

So I picked the table corner with a hill (no surprise really) and happily formed by battle lines. My opponent had something along the lines of:

10 Death Company w/ Rhino
10 Assault Marines
2 Sanguinary Priests
5 Sanguinary Guard
1 Librarian
1 Baal Predator
1 Furiouso Dreadnought
1 Tactical Squad.

No detailed reports here, except to say that I got a draw, which all came down to 4 penetrating hits on an immobilised Leman Russ and no 5 or 6 being rolled... This meant we had 6 kill points each.

It was fun, exciting, tense and frustrating. Three turns it took my Vendetta to kill the Dread... three turns I say!

Also Blood Lance... evil... pure evil. Makes Jaws of the Wolf World look nice and fluffy like an Andrex puppy.