Theorycraft: Dropping Space Puppies

Following on from my last theorycrafting post, this one focuses on a Space Wolf force all in Drop Pods.

This list is something that actually scares me more than the previous Space Marine one did.


Logan Grimnar, The Great Wolf
Rune Priest


9 Grey Hunters, Flamer, Power Weapon, Drop Pod
9 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Power Weapon, Drop Pod
10 Wolfguard, 10 Combi-Meltas, Drop Pod
6 Wolfguard, Terminator Armour, 5 Combi-Meltas, Cyclone Rocket Launcher, Drop Pod

Heavy Support

6 Long Fangs, 5 Rocket Launchers, Meltagun, Drop Pod

Total: 1500 Points
Kill Points: 12

So this list has three drop pods arriving on turn 1. The Wolfguard give you several options for your two characters and where you want them to go.

As each Drop Pod has a maximum capacity of 10, and these Drop Pods are allowed to have Terminators in them.

So Logan Grimnar goes with the Long Fangs, this allows them to make the most of their weapons on the turn they arrive, and he can happily leave them after the first turn to go and pursue other enemies. I would also add on of the Wolfguard in Terminator armour to this squad, the boost in Leadership will help when Logan leaves them (which he really should at some point) and if he doesnt it means there is an extra person in 2+ Terminator armour for wound allocation. This squads ability to split its fire is also going to be very useful as you have a good chance of side, or rear armour shots, meaning you can afford to have less shots at a Tank with hopefully no real downside.

The 10 Man Wolfguard squad loses two of its men to the two Grey Hunter squads. Remember that the Combi-melta has to replace with their close combat weapon or their bolt pistol, so they will not get the bonus attack for two close combat weapons. This squad can then have the Rune Priest join it, although the Rune Priest could also join either of the Grey Hunter squads.

The Grey hunters have two very specific roles, one if aiming itself at infantry, the other at tanks. While at the moment both of the Wolfguard you are assigning to these squads have Combi-Meltas that is easy enough to change.

The Wolfguard squad in Terminator armour gets the benefit of a more precision landing, which means its weapons will be even more devasting when used against its enemies. It suggest keeping the Wolfguard with a Cyclone Rocket Launcher in this squad as it means you have two units with a decent ranged Anti Tank.

As I previously mention Drop Pods can do a great job of making it more difficult for an enemy to get to an objective, and using them to prevent Vehicle movement is a good tactic for trying to pen your enemy in.

For this list it really comes down to what do you want on the table first? I would probably say having all of your high threat squads landing is the best option, as this way the enemy will have to split their fire more. Whereas arriving with only one of these units means they can focus fire it down.

The Downside of this list. Well it is that Logan Grimnar either has to go with the Long Fangs, or the Wolfguard in Power Armour. With him being in Terminator armour he cannot join the Grey Hunters. Now this isnt a bad thing, but it does mean that the Rune Priest has to join the Long Fangs, as you will have to reassign two of the Wolf Guard to Grey Hunter squads to make room for Logan.

Pictures are of Toms Space Wolves.