Khador – Building a Battle Group (Part 2)

Ok so in the first part I covered the options I have for a Warcaster. In the end I picked the Butcher.

So with that in mind I now have to pick the rest of my force. This time I am going to focus on the Options I have for my Warjacks.

The smallest game size is 15 points, and with the Butchers bonus of 6 Warjack points that means I have 21 points to spend, as long as a minimum of 6 of them are spent on Warjacks.

So first things first. What options do I have?

Well I picked up the Khador Battlegroup, this gave me a Juggernaut and a Destroyer. I have also just got the Heavy Warjack box, which gives me the options for any 1 of the following: Juggernaut, Destroyer, Marauder & Decimator. I also now own a Devastator.

Before I start looking at each Warjack in turn, lets see what they all have in common.

As they are all the same Chassis all of the Warjacks have the Same SPD, STR, MAT, RAT, DEF, ARM. They also have the same damage Grid, so the differences between the ‘Jacks is in their armament, and their point costs.


This ‘Jack comes with an Open fist which is useful for locking enemy arms and can be really good for reducing an opponents ARM value if they are using a Shield. It also means their Initial Attacks are spent trying to break the lock

It also has an Ice Axe. This weapon does an awesome amount of damage before you even have to roll a dice, and enemies do not want to be hit by it. If you manage to get a Critical hit (buy rolling a double on a successful attack roll) then you Freeze your opponent. This basically means they are stationary and you are then Guaranteed to hit them with any other attacks.

This ‘Jack comes in at a reason 7 points each.


The two weapons this ‘Jack has are the Executioner Axe and the Bombard.

The Bombard is basically a Mortar, it can only make one attack a turn, but has a decent AOE of 3” and a good POW, meaning it can cause a lot of problems for whoever you shoot it at. The problem is that this ‘Jack Chassis has a low RAT, meaning you will probably need to boost the Attack Roll.

The Executioner Axe is another nice weapon, while it doesn’t do as much damage as the Ice Axe it also has an ability that is triggered when you get a Critical. As the name of the Axe suggests it is not an fun thing to have happen to you, although it isn’t an instant death like ability. Basically when you get a Critical hit, if you damage any system boxes then the system you damage is automatically destroyed, and you have to cross all the damage boxes relating to that system on the damage grid. Quite nice, as it means you can cripple a ‘Jack with 1 hit.

This ‘Jack costs 9 points.


This ‘Jack has two of the same weapons, Ram Pistons. They both have the same POW so are again doing pretty good damage with average rolls (around 23 damage on an unboosted damage roll).

The Advantage this ‘Jack has is that it can make a Combo attack using both weapons. If it is successful then you make one Attack roll, and if you Hit then your target takes a hit equal to the ‘Jacks Strength and double the weapon POW, this pushes its unboosted damage to 27.

It also Slams the target D6” directly away from it, if you position it down then you can knock down this target and another target by Slamming this target into it.

This ‘Jack comes in at 7 points


Now this ‘Jack actually excites me. It has two very nice weapons, the Dozer which is a ranged weapon and the Rip Saw for Melee.

Starting with the Dozer, this ‘Jack can make two shots a turn, which have a very nice POW, the Range isn’t awesome at only 10”, but it will make your opponent think twice before just running range of it. With Boosted damage rolls you will be doing around the 25 Damage mark.

Once you make a successful attack you also get to push the target model 1” away from your ‘Jack and then the ‘Jack gets to advance 1”.

The Rip Saw is the weapon I really like, it has a good POW, and with unboosted damage rolls will be doing 25 damage on a hit. It also has the special ability Sustained Attack, this basically means that if you hit an enemy in combat with this once, then you do not have to roll to hit again, you just hit Automatically. This means less need for Focus to boost your attack rolls and either more Boosted damage rolls or more attacks.

This ‘Jack comes in at 9 points as well.

This 'Jack I just recently purchased from another Khador player who was selling some of his models.

This model has an awesome ARM value of 25 while it advances across the battlefield. Its arms can never be locked, and it can move enemy models that it charges.

It also has a nice AOE attack that it can do in combat which hits everything in B2B and within 3", this is another way of wiping out units of infantry.

This 'jack comes in at 9 Points.

The Decision

So these guys are the ones I have the options for.

One of the selections I used recently is 3 Juggernauts. That would use up all of my points allocation, but gives me 3 ‘Jacks that are all beasts in combat… if I can get into combat that is. With the Butcher and his feat it means that in one round I could be rolling 4D6 in addition to a P&S 19 attack. That should kill anything they hit in short order. This actually happened in one game with two of the Juggernauts hitting an opposing Heavy Warjack each, and with 1 Open Fist Attack and 2 Frost Axe attacks killing both Warjacks. It was impressive and a little bit scary.

Another option, and one I am more likely to try is a Juggernaut and a Decimator. I prefer the Decimator to the Destroyer and the Juggernaut has the Open fist which is useful for dealing with enemy weapons that scare me or shields that increase an enemies ARM value.

With that in mind I think I prefer the idea of a Juggernaut and a Decimator. The two of them total 16 points, which leaves me 5 points for units and/or Solos. The other advantage is that against people with a lot of infantry a Destroyer will be a better choice and is just a straight swap.

There are several more Warjacks that I really like the look of, and I may use if I ever get round to picking one up, but until then these are what I have.

I will cover the final additions to my Battlegroup in the next article.