Kill Team

So inspired by the Warpstone Flux Challenge. I have spent an hour or so creating some Kill Team lists.

200 points of Imperial Guardsmen can get me as many as 35 men, plus 20 points of upgrades. It can also get me as few as two Vehicles, it can get me less but I am working to mostly round figures.

Here are a couple of the lists I drafted up:

Kill Team 1:
Infantry Platoon, Command Squad, 2 Infantry Squads, Commissar with Power Weapon, and a Meltagun and Rocket Launcher from the Command Squad or Infantry Squads.

This list benefits from 26 men, and the Commissar gives me a nice high leadership for when I end up taking leadership tests.

Kill Team 2:
Infantry Platoon, Command Squad, 2 Infantry Squads, Captain Al'rahem.

This list has 25 men, all of whom start the game in Reserve, outflanking and they will all arrive on one roll... not too bad when you need to overwhelm the enemy.

Kill Team 3:
Valkyrie Assault Squadron; 2 Valkyries

4 Krak Rockets, and 2 Multi Lasers, plus 12,12,10 armour probably wont do too badly.

Kill Team 4:
Vendetta, Veteran Squad

Pretty much three twin linked Lascannons should be able to kill anything it can possibly have to shoot at, so that in theory is 5 dead enemies a game... probably not 130 points worth but ah well.

All of these lists didnt really capture what I wanted. What I wanted was something like the Team that went to Geron in Traitor General. A team that was good all round, with each member pretty much able to do anything they needed to.

That is when I hit on my submission. After carefully reading the Veteran Squad entry several times, I finally realised that I can take ANY of the Doctrines, not 1 of them but any of them. So that is when I hit upon the Kill Team below:

Veteran Squad with All Doctrines (Forward Sentries, Grenadiers, Demolitions)

Sergeant Ansul: Power Sword, Feel No Pain
Heavy Weapons Team Tryel: Rocket Launcher, Relentless
Specialist Nomin: Sniper Rifle, Infiltrate
Specialist Gantro: Grenade Launcher
Specialist Saldor: Flamer
Specialist Greigor: Demolition Charge
Veteran Halshan
Veteran Dopila
Veteran Tsor

This kill team has it all, with 3+ Cover saves when in cover, and a 4+ armour save it really should be survivable.

Feel No Pain on the Sergeant should help him get into Combat to use his Power Sword. The Heavy Weapons team, which I intend to represent with just one model on a Heavy Weapons team base (much like the dearly missed Bragg) has Relentless meaning it will be able to get those better positions each turn. The Snipe Specialist has infiltrate as I really dont want to have to move him, so getting him into a good position from the off will help a lot.

The Flamer and Grenade Launcher give me a good oppourtunity to hit multiple models if someone puts their men too close together, the Grenade Launcher is also another option against Vehicles with only a total of armour 13 being able to ignore it completely... I am looking at the Ironclads, Furioso and Baal Predators here.

Basically the idea... is that its like a Mini Squad of Rambo's. Or should I say a mini squad of Marbo's.

Now all I need to do is buy, build and convert the models!

The pictures are of my Marbo model, complete with detachable Demo Charge.


jabberjabber said…
Its a great list!

And there's no other entries yet ... you may win with no competition this month :)
Kraggi said…
Lol, not how I would want to win hehe, but we will see.