Games this Week

Apologies for the lack of pictures or Battle reports this week, but I thought I would post up how I did.

On tuesday I popped over to my brothers and managed a 2000 point game with my Gaurd against his Blood Angels. The Space Vampires ripped my armies head, legs and arms off. They then did nasty things to my torso. Basically it was a less than fun game for my army, but a definate learning experience, and I look forward to a rematch in the coming weeks.

I managed a 1500 point game with my Imperial Guard in the Shop league on Wednesday. I was playing Space Wolves with 5 Objectives and a Dawn of War Deployment and somehow I ended up with a win. This was mainly because the two of us forgot which player went first, we also messed up our deployment. I blame the early morning nature of the game.

This basically meant that my opponent (who went first) played his turn 5 as if it was his turn 4, whereas I played my Turn 5 as it he was gonna have another turn which meant I grabbed as many objectives as I could. I ended up Winning 1 - 0.

From then I then played 5 Games of the Linebreaker Mission from the Battlemissions book. To be honest these 5 games were disappointing as the game doesnt feel like breaking through a Line... but I am currently preparing a special post of the Linebreaker Scenario so I will cover that later.

The final game was with my Khador against a Merc Battlegroup. The game was very fun, and only lasted 20 minutes. As I managed to get my Warcaster into combat with their Warcaster and I killed them with 3 Attacks.

End of the Week:

Imperial Guard: 1 Win, 1 Loss
Khador: 1 Win.