Rumour; Necron Stats!

Ok, so I don't normally do rumours, but this is for an army I have had back since they first got their own Codex.


So just for those of you who may be interested in some Necron / Immortal Stats have a check out of the image below, yes if you came here from Belloflostsouls you may vey well have seen it there.

I partly figured I would post this up so I had a copy of the image for when the book is around to do a comparison.

(Please be aware its a rumour, I pinched the picture from Belloflostsouls and I would add several dollops of salt, stir thoroughly and wait a couple of months before believe it)

1750 Army List Wednesday!

Third week, third army!

This time its worth proving I actually had one of the newer armies prior to their release... in this case it is the Necrons!

Here is a sample 1750 list I can attempt with the models I have, and knowledge of their weaknesses in previous games.

Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb

Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb

Necron Warriors x 13

Necron Warriors x 12

Necron Warriors x 12

Destroyers x 5

Wraiths x 3

Heavy Destroyers x 3


So as with all Necron armies the tactics are pretty simple... don't phase out, run away, shoot them and hope they die....

Well not quite that bad. The idea here is going to be to focus the army on destroying one or two squads of the enemy a turn, splitting fire is not a good option for the necrons at the moment, unless all your dice go really well and the enemy goes really badly.

The Wraiths can nicely speed bump an enemy assault unit, or they can take out something the enemy leaves undefended.

Overall with the models I own, this is the Necron list in the current codex that I think would do best. 

It will also be interesting to see how much cheaper (if at all) this list gets in the new codex!

Shunt Tactics

Many of us will have read posts about the tactics for Shunting, and the vast majority of them will be about the late game shunt to deny the enemy objectives. This is a valid tactic, and I am sure it works very well for the people talking about it.

However for me, I have found this tactic doesnt work so well. Grey Knights are an expensive force, and my main opponent is Tom, his Space Wolves are having great fun annhilating my Grey Knights at the moment (helped by a solid list, my poor tactics and what I feel may be weighted dice for his AP2&1 Weaponary).

Now the Tactic I have found that works well (against all but him) is used when I have two Dreadknights with personnal Teleporters and a unit of Interceptors (10 man).

This allows me to Shunt 3 units straight at his battle lines early in the game. He then has to spend time dealing with these units before advancing onto the rest of my army. This is a tactic that my army list relies on, and to be fair it needs perhaps another Dreadknight or Interceptor squad to make it work effectively against him.

By forcing your enemy to deal with your units at the very beginning of the game they are having to change their plan of action on how they intend to get to the rest of your forces. To me the Grey Knights are an aggressive force at all points levels. I want my army to get in your face and to force you to make decisions quickly.

It doesnt always work, and against an army with plenty of AP3 or better you want to be carefull of where you arrive.

The shooting you do after the shunt is also very important, you need to stop or reduce the threats close to you, and with good positioning you want to bring the enemy closer to your shunters, where you can bring more firepower to bear on them.

Admittedly I build my army lists around this tactic, and it has worked very well at the last two tournaments I went to. No one expected it, and no one was able to deal with two Dreadknights in their face so quickly in the 1000 point games, and no one was able to deal with the two Dreadknights & 10 Interceptors in the 1750 point games. 

In fact the only person I know that has effectively dealt with the army is my good friend and constant advesary Tom. His Space Wolf list has the right balance of AP2 & AP3 weaponary to deal with both the Dreads and Interceptors. 

In the end though the tactic can be a bit of a one trick pony, but in a tournament, that can certainly be all you need!

Dystopian Wars - Britannia Fleet History

Each Naval fleet can compose of entirely different Battle groups, and even then each Battle group can be completely different for any other given Battle group.

The Mediterranean Fleet is currently under the Command of Hastings Yelverton, and as such he has structured it to match his combat ethics.  He took command of the fleet in early 1869, and is still in the process of trying to get all of the Battle groups setup how he wants.

Yelverton, like many commanders of the era is still struggling how to best utilise the emerging Air force, this has limited his deployment of mixed Battle groups, but whether this will affect his ability to discharge his duty and protect the Empires holdings in the Mediterranean is yet to be seen.

His fleet currently consists of

6 Battle groups
2 Carrier Groups
2 Air wings

Each Battle group consists of
1 Battleship & Escorts
6 Cruisers
12 Frigates

Carrier groups consist of:
2 Aircraft Carriers & Escorts
22 Wings of Fighters
18 Frigates
12 Cruisers

Each Air wing Consists of
12 Bombers
6 Scouts
10 Wings of Fighters

In total the Mediterranean Fleet currently consists of
6 Battleships & Escorts
4 Aircraft Carriers & Escorts
60 Cruisers
108 Frigates
24 Bombers
12 scouts
84 Wings of Fighters

There are rumours within the fleet that at least one Dreadnought is en route to join the fleet itself, and at this time Yelverton will move his flag from the HMS Judgement to it. The fleet itself consists of ten Battle groups, three Carrier Groups and two Air wings. They currently patrol all of the Mediterranean from the base in Malta.

The Battle groups themselves are rarely all on active patrol at any time. This allows for Repairs, refits and shore leave, however as Yelverton always aim to keep at least half of his forces strength out on Patrolling.

Any Battle group that suffers losses is quickly brought into the Docks at Malta to repair, rearm and refuel. It is just as quickly replaced on Patrol by another full strength Battle group.

Only during extended periods of conflict will Yelverton allow his forces to be deployed understrength.

Rare is the occasion where Yelverton feels the need to venture out of his command compound, however he is a ferocious fighter and excellent tactician, whether he is in the thick of the action, or directing his forces over the wireless.

Yelverton has always been able to adapt to different situations and will move his Flag, from a Dreadnought to a Cruiser squadron if he feels this will give him the tactical advantage he needs.

While the threats from foreign nations continue against the British homeland, Yelverton is intent to hold his ground, and the land claimed in the name of Britannia until his orders tell him otherwise.

Counter Attack 2011!

So with just over a week to go I managed to sneak the last place in a local Tournament called Counter Attack.

Three games of 1750 points and modified scenarios. I have been trying out a new style of Grey Knight list at 1750 recently, but have had to proxy 6 models and have been using an partially painted Stormraven.

So basically in the next 8 days I need to finsih my Stormraven, and paint up 5 Interceptors and a Vindicare... I also have to buy the last two units!

If I can't finish those models then the list I know I can take is as follows:

Unit Name Size Equipment / Options

Grandmaster 1 Psychotoke Grenades, Rad Grenades, Incinerator

Strike Squad 10 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition

Terminators 10 Psycannon x 2, Halberd x 8, Daemonhamer x 2, Psybolt Ammunition

Interceptors 10 Psybolt Ammunition, 2 x Incinerators, Daemonhammer, 7 Force Halberds

Dreadknight 1 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

Dreadknight 1 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

This is the list that has previously won a tournament and done pretty well for me except when playing Tom's Space Wolves.

It has a decent amount of scoring units (a minimum of 6 a maximum of 8) and doesnt offer up much in the way of Kill points at 1750 points (only 6).

The Grandmaster gives some decent options for staying flexible in the face of my enemy.
The problem is that any army that can bring enough AP2 shots to bear can bring down the Dreadknights in Short order. If they don't die then my opponents have serious issues as I generally advance all three shunting units 30" forward on turn 1 and see how much damage I can do. 

This normally disrupts the enemy and a lot of the time I find people don't expect it. After all people either don't know what Dreadknights do or despise them because of the Dreadknight Hate.

Any hints or tips for this list, again feel free to drop me a comment, I havent played every race out there so it could struggle against some (Dark Eldar are one of them).

Anyone interested in the specifics of the tournament please feel free to click here.

1750 Army List Wednesdays!

On the second of my weekly Army List Wednesdays I found myself thinking back to my Pre Grey Knight days and to the Imperial Guard (yes it definately looks like I only play the latest codices...).

Anyway, without further ado, here is a 1750 Points Imperial Guard Army list.

Company Command Squad, 4 x Meltagun


Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Demolisher

Sly Marbo
Ratlings x 5

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad, 4 Flamers
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, Commissar
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
Heavy Weapons Team, 3 x Lascannons
Heavy Weapons Team, 3 x Mortars

Veteran Squad, 3 Plasma Guns, Plasma Pistol (Sergeant)

So the tatics for this force?

Well it is pretty much just overwhelm the enemy with superior firepower. Care positioning of the Vendettas is a good thing to note as you want to be able to Scout move them, but dont want to let them get Assaulted or Melta'd if you aren't going first. 

The Veteran Squad hops in one of the Vendettas, along with a couple of the Infantry squads, the Company command squad holds back to deal with the enemy as they reach your battlelines. 

The Ratlings are there as an annoyance, much the same as the mortars. The more tests you can force on an opponent the more chance they have of failing one and becoming pinned. 

Sly Marbo is just excellent and wonderful at dealing with Deepstrike armies, as once his pie plate hits a full unit of 10+ Assault Marines that just DoA'd into the game they will move rather than try shooting. 

The Tank Positioning is also a big thing, ideally you want to keep them away from your objectives and push them towards the enemies, but in an ideal sense you want to draw your enemy off the objectives to deal with them. 

Anyway, until next week!

Culexus Assassin Tactics

 Ok, so not editing this given the comments on the bottom, I would rather leave the mistake here as an example of how wrong we gamers can get it, and the comments will help people who end up thinking the same thing as me!

Any answers to my question in the comments will definately be appreciate though as it does change how I would deal with Grey Knights and use them (this was much more of a theorycrafting than actual practice at least... I would have felt bad for gubbing someone because of this). 

Ok so a bit of editting, mainly with strikethrough I don't mind peopel being able to read the original article as my post and assumptions were incorrect. I still feel this assassin could be very useful, but he is far more situational than I originally thought.

So the Culexus, havent seen many articles on this Assassin, and had a couple of ideas & revelations about it recently, so I figured I would spend a bit of time enlightening people to my thoughts.

The Assassin comes with their standard rules, Lightning Reflexes for an Invulnerable save, Synth Skin for a very basic FNP, Hit & Run.

This particular assassin has some other nifty options, the Psykout grenade for dealing with Daemons & Pskyers, and a Psycollum for BS 10 when shooting at a Psyker or a unit containing one.

The Weapon is where all the fun is at though. Being S5 & AP1 means its not too bad from the off, Assault helps if the Assassin needs to get up close and personnal to finish the job, but the best part is where it gets an additional shot for each Psyker within 12". Being in an army of Greyknights that are all Psykers this brings some very interesting options up.

Now don't get me wrong its not an easy thing to get the best use out of this guy, you really want him to be near at least one of your Grey Knight units (more would be preferable).

I am going to look at a couple of ways to ensure this, and to hopefully help you catch your enemy with their power armour off.

When you are playing an army that Deepstrikes then this baby becomes just plain awesome. You can set them up in a decent place in your battle lines, and then watch him unleash anything from 7-40+ BS8 shots at an enemy unit. DoA Blood Angels beware... anything with an AV value of 10 or 11 should also beware, because with enough hits (which you should get) you can kill anything.

So a couple of different thoughts on how to get the most from your Culexus, hopefully you will find it useful.

Also in this Grey Knight armies abound age you might found a Culexus is an awesome choice, because the second you face another Grey Knight army you should be more than capable of wiping out an enemy a turn.

1750 Army List Thursday!

One of the things I enjoy the most about this hobby is the theory crafting. Now that phrase might put some people off, but we all do it... we all build army lists / deck lists.

It doesnt matter if its for a Table top board game, wargame or card game. We all theorycraft in our minds eye how we want the game to go, what we think we can do to win. The time you spend writing an army lift is in its most basic sense theory crafting.

I have spent days writing out army lists... I have a spreadsheet with around 30-40 different lists for different point sizes of my Grey Knights, and another with 60+ for my Imperial Guard.

So, to catalogue / showcase this I am going to start posting my Army lists, 1 a week for as long as my inspiration and muse allows me.

They probably wont all be GW related, but it may give you an insight as to how I collect, build and play my armies!

Anyway, onto my first list, that could intimidate some opponents!

Unit Name Unit Size Pts Equipment / Options


Strike Squad x 10
 2 Psycannons

Strike Squad x 9 

Terminators x 5
 Psycannon, Halberd x 4, Daemonhamer

 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

 Assault Cannon, Multi-Melta

Venerable Dreadnought

So at first glance this list probably doesnt seem too bad, but I advise you to look again.

It has the possibility for you to have 3 Dreadknights in the middle of your Battlelines on Turn 1, along with a Stormraven with 5 Terminators & a Venerable Dreadnought pretty much up at point blank too.

Ok so that only consists of 3 Heavy Incinerator Shots & either a Multi-Melta or Assault Cannon worth of shooting, but in your following turn you have a lot of things to kill, if you dont then things will start wreaking havoc in your battle lines.

Massed firepower could very easily take out the Dreadknights, but when I say massed we are talking Massive amounts of firepower.

Assault on Horlux, Part II

The second part of the game day I will be running on the 17th September. If you are interested in the fluff then click here.

This isnt designed to be balanced, its designed to get people playing 40k, who many never have played it before, any hints tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The Game Plan:

Board setup as dense as possible with terrain, as it was only recently converted to a Military outpost. Planetstrike Terrain used to represent the military outposts.


The Kill Teams need to either work together or individually to try and locate the Artefact, and then escape from the nearest Board edge.

To Search each Bastion a Kill Team Member needs to move into Base to Base contact in their Movement phase, and then send their Shooting & Assault phase’s searching the Bastion for the Artefact.

As the Teams do not know exactly what they are looking for they could find the wrong artefact or some piece of Tau Tech.

For Each Shooting and Assault phase that they spend in base to base contact with a Bastion, they get to turn over a Card looking for an artefact. When they find one, either Tau Tech or the Mysterious Artefact they are there for they get must get the Artefact off the nearest Board edge as quickly as possible. A Kill Team model can carry the Artefact, but is unable to do anything other than Run in their Shooting phase; they may not shoot or initiate assaults.

Once the Kill Team Member is off the board they cannot return to the Table that round. Each Round continues until the Main artefact is located, at which point the Kill Team’s objective is to get the Artefact off the nearest board edge.

Game Rules:

Night Fighting is in effect for the duration of the game.

The Defending Player may only activate as many units as there are Kill Teams against them. If Required Defenders Reinforcements arrive from a randomly determined board edge.

A Kill Team may be deployed anywhere on the Board to represent them sneaking into Position.

Kill Team Rules:
Force Selection

• 0-1 HQ
• 0-1 Elite
• 0-2 Troops
• 0-1 Fast Attack

Force Limitations

Your Kill Team may not exceed 200 Points.

Your Kill Team MUST have at least 2 models in it.

You may NOT use Special or Unique Characters.

All Kill Team Members have Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain & Advance Preparation

You may give 5 members of your Kill Team a bonus USR, chosen from the list below. Each Kill Team Member may only have one of these rules, and no rule can be chosen more than once.

Move through Cover
Furious Charge
And they Shall Know no Fear
Counter Attack
Tank Hunter

New Special Rule:
Advance Preparation: Models with this rule are able to ignore the effects of Night Fighting.

Grey Knights - 1750 Points

So the list I have been using recently has run into a bit of a rock / paper / scissors problem.

Namely any army with some serious dedicated long range firepower.

There is one person I play in particular that does a good number on me unless the terrain / mission / dice are all with me. This isnt something I want to rely on.

Now I know he is an excellent general, and builds his lists very well.

I don't want to tailor my list to face him, because when I change it, it will be come my standard list for 1750 points. Although I appreciate by changing it because of him I am almost doing this (see the Dilema you put me in Tom!) 

So what do I change? Well firstly I reckon letting you know what I am using will help:

Grandmaster - Incinerator, Force Sword, Rad & Psychotroke Grenades

Grey Knight Terminators x 10, Psybolt Ammo, 2 Psycannons

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammo, 2 Psycannons

Grey Knight Interceptor Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammo, 2 Incinerators, Force Halberds x 7, Daemonhammer

Grey Knight Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Grey Knight Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Greatsword

So this is the list I used at a recent tournament and won with.

It relies on running forward all of my Teleporter units in the early game to give my oppoent some serious issues.

Now I fully admit that my first few moves in a recent game against him did not work to my advantage, something I need to work on.

However the survivability of the Dreadknights against these guys is non existant against 4 Meltas & 7 Lascannons. Especially when your opponent refuses to miss with any of those shots. The other problem is that by dropping just one Dreadknight you make it easier for your opponent to focus on the other one.

Add in the other 9 Rockets and I tend to lose a lot of my men early in the game.

So how to change this, without tailoring it to him (too much), or losing the elements I like.

I need soem way to keep my men alive while allowing them to get close enough to jump out and overwhelm the small Long Fang squads with massed firepower. The easiest way I can see to do this is going to be go Mech. So here is my proposal.

Shrouding, Sanctuary, Quicksilver

Purifiers x 10

Force Halberd x 5, Daemonhammer, Incinerator x 4, Rhino

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10
Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons, Rhino

Grey Knight Terminators x 10
Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons

Godhammer Pattern, Psybolt Ammo, Multi-Melta

Grey Knight Interceptor Squad x 8
8 Force Halberds, Psybolt Ammunition

Total: 1748

This gives me the oppourtunity to advance my army forward as a Mech wall, the Librarian is able to pop Shrouding to increase the tanks chances of survival with Smoke Launchers up.

This could in theory get me 24" across the board for me to deploy my forces.

It does mean that 5 Terminators are potentially foot slogging their way over there, however it would free their Psycannons up if thats how I decided to combat squad them.

The second option (in my mind) is:


Shrouding, Sanctuary

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10
Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons, Rhino

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10
Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons, Rhino

Purifiers x 10
Force Halberd x 5, Daemonhammer, Incinerator x 4, Rhino

Grey Knight Terminators x 5

Godhammer Pattern, Psybolt Ammo, Multi-Melta

Grey Knight Interceptor Squad x 7
7 Force Halberds, Psybolt Ammunition

Total 1747

This one gives me three tanks o doom around my Landraider and is moving far more to an all shooting list.

The Interceptors (in both lists) are there to get in peoples faces and deal with any heavy artilley sitting at the back of the board. Hopefully they will draw fire away from the rest of my army (hopefully).

Assault on Horlux

+++++++FAO Inquisitor Jachem +++++++

+++++++ Omega Encryption +++++++

+++++++ Message Begins +++++++


The World of Horlux has fallen to Xenos advance. Planetary Defence force has side with Xenos invaders. Xenos Identified as Tau. Large presence of Tau / PDF in all major fortified locations throughout the world.

From the information I have gathered the Tau came to Horlux due to the Planetary Governors’ request for aide. The PDF had discovered a

+++++ Message Scrambled beyond recognition for two Quads of Information. Decryption continues from next Quad+++++

The primary location of the artefact is in a recently fortified civilian outpost of Yalun, near Horlux equator. I cannot stress the importance of this find, and how dangerous this could be to the Imperium.

I advise sending in Kill Teams to retrieve the artefact before the Tau unlock its secrets. Their Psychic blank should be maintained, as we have no idea the chaos that could be caused if they were able to access the warp.

Yours Faithfully


+++++++ Message Ends +++++++

+++++++ Servitor Addendum, Attempts to decypher the rest of the message are ongoing, any updates will be forwarded to you as soon as they are available. ++++++

+++++++ Message for the Day: Burn the Heretic, Cleanse the Impure +++++++

This is the background for a huge 40K scenario I am running in my local store on the 17th September... full details to follow later this week. If however you cannot wait, then click here to see the event details!

The 'Transform' Mechanic!

Another post... two in four days! It might mean I am actually getting back on top of my Blogging... stranger things have been known to happen and fingers crossed it continues for me.

I was reading the Magic the Gathering Website about the new set they have coming out in October. It introduces a new Mechanic.


No they havent introduced Optimus Prime into the mix, but they have introduced a way to see your cards evolve on the Battlefield. I am not talking about Enchancements or Debuffs, but actually changing their text and pictures for newer versions of themselves (could be better or worse I think).

Here is a link to the article I read, talking about the Planeswalker Garrus... he has long interested me and this Mechanic sounds like a really good way to go with it!

My Games in August

August was one of those months... you know, one of those 'Summer' months. One of those months where you end up getting pulled six ways till sundown and seem to have very little time to yourself.

Well out of my wierd sentencing and story type typing, August was not a good month for my gaming, I didnt put enough effort in and other things were more important.

However I did run an Apocalypse game at my FLGS on the last Saturday of the month. We had 24,000 pointso n the table at one point with 10 players involved! That more than made up for me not playing this month and not being able to play in the game (managing took a lot of effort).

Other than that I managed to get some Magic the Gathering Game and some World of Warcraft games in, while card games dont offer the same experience as my normal Hobby they are rapidly growing on me, as it is easier to find people to play as the games dont take anywhere near as long!

So my games this month!

Played: 3
Won 1
Lost : 2

Played: 7
Won 3
Lost 4

I have even updated the stats this month (I forgot too last month!)

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