1750 Army List Thursday!

One of the things I enjoy the most about this hobby is the theory crafting. Now that phrase might put some people off, but we all do it... we all build army lists / deck lists.

It doesnt matter if its for a Table top board game, wargame or card game. We all theorycraft in our minds eye how we want the game to go, what we think we can do to win. The time you spend writing an army lift is in its most basic sense theory crafting.

I have spent days writing out army lists... I have a spreadsheet with around 30-40 different lists for different point sizes of my Grey Knights, and another with 60+ for my Imperial Guard.

So, to catalogue / showcase this I am going to start posting my Army lists, 1 a week for as long as my inspiration and muse allows me.

They probably wont all be GW related, but it may give you an insight as to how I collect, build and play my armies!

Anyway, onto my first list, that could intimidate some opponents!

Unit Name Unit Size Pts Equipment / Options


Strike Squad x 10
 2 Psycannons

Strike Squad x 9 

Terminators x 5
 Psycannon, Halberd x 4, Daemonhamer

 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

 Assault Cannon, Multi-Melta

Venerable Dreadnought

So at first glance this list probably doesnt seem too bad, but I advise you to look again.

It has the possibility for you to have 3 Dreadknights in the middle of your Battlelines on Turn 1, along with a Stormraven with 5 Terminators & a Venerable Dreadnought pretty much up at point blank too.

Ok so that only consists of 3 Heavy Incinerator Shots & either a Multi-Melta or Assault Cannon worth of shooting, but in your following turn you have a lot of things to kill, if you dont then things will start wreaking havoc in your battle lines.

Massed firepower could very easily take out the Dreadknights, but when I say massed we are talking Massive amounts of firepower.