Counter Attack 2011!

So with just over a week to go I managed to sneak the last place in a local Tournament called Counter Attack.

Three games of 1750 points and modified scenarios. I have been trying out a new style of Grey Knight list at 1750 recently, but have had to proxy 6 models and have been using an partially painted Stormraven.

So basically in the next 8 days I need to finsih my Stormraven, and paint up 5 Interceptors and a Vindicare... I also have to buy the last two units!

If I can't finish those models then the list I know I can take is as follows:

Unit Name Size Equipment / Options

Grandmaster 1 Psychotoke Grenades, Rad Grenades, Incinerator

Strike Squad 10 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition

Terminators 10 Psycannon x 2, Halberd x 8, Daemonhamer x 2, Psybolt Ammunition

Interceptors 10 Psybolt Ammunition, 2 x Incinerators, Daemonhammer, 7 Force Halberds

Dreadknight 1 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

Dreadknight 1 H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

This is the list that has previously won a tournament and done pretty well for me except when playing Tom's Space Wolves.

It has a decent amount of scoring units (a minimum of 6 a maximum of 8) and doesnt offer up much in the way of Kill points at 1750 points (only 6).

The Grandmaster gives some decent options for staying flexible in the face of my enemy.
The problem is that any army that can bring enough AP2 shots to bear can bring down the Dreadknights in Short order. If they don't die then my opponents have serious issues as I generally advance all three shunting units 30" forward on turn 1 and see how much damage I can do. 

This normally disrupts the enemy and a lot of the time I find people don't expect it. After all people either don't know what Dreadknights do or despise them because of the Dreadknight Hate.

Any hints or tips for this list, again feel free to drop me a comment, I havent played every race out there so it could struggle against some (Dark Eldar are one of them).

Anyone interested in the specifics of the tournament please feel free to click here.