Culexus Assassin Tactics

 Ok, so not editing this given the comments on the bottom, I would rather leave the mistake here as an example of how wrong we gamers can get it, and the comments will help people who end up thinking the same thing as me!

Any answers to my question in the comments will definately be appreciate though as it does change how I would deal with Grey Knights and use them (this was much more of a theorycrafting than actual practice at least... I would have felt bad for gubbing someone because of this). 

Ok so a bit of editting, mainly with strikethrough I don't mind peopel being able to read the original article as my post and assumptions were incorrect. I still feel this assassin could be very useful, but he is far more situational than I originally thought.

So the Culexus, havent seen many articles on this Assassin, and had a couple of ideas & revelations about it recently, so I figured I would spend a bit of time enlightening people to my thoughts.

The Assassin comes with their standard rules, Lightning Reflexes for an Invulnerable save, Synth Skin for a very basic FNP, Hit & Run.

This particular assassin has some other nifty options, the Psykout grenade for dealing with Daemons & Pskyers, and a Psycollum for BS 10 when shooting at a Psyker or a unit containing one.

The Weapon is where all the fun is at though. Being S5 & AP1 means its not too bad from the off, Assault helps if the Assassin needs to get up close and personnal to finish the job, but the best part is where it gets an additional shot for each Psyker within 12". Being in an army of Greyknights that are all Psykers this brings some very interesting options up.

Now don't get me wrong its not an easy thing to get the best use out of this guy, you really want him to be near at least one of your Grey Knight units (more would be preferable).

I am going to look at a couple of ways to ensure this, and to hopefully help you catch your enemy with their power armour off.

When you are playing an army that Deepstrikes then this baby becomes just plain awesome. You can set them up in a decent place in your battle lines, and then watch him unleash anything from 7-40+ BS8 shots at an enemy unit. DoA Blood Angels beware... anything with an AV value of 10 or 11 should also beware, because with enough hits (which you should get) you can kill anything.

So a couple of different thoughts on how to get the most from your Culexus, hopefully you will find it useful.

Also in this Grey Knight armies abound age you might found a Culexus is an awesome choice, because the second you face another Grey Knight army you should be more than capable of wiping out an enemy a turn.


Atreides said…
here's the thing, GK squads dont count as multiple psykers. this is explicitly stated in the special rules. each squad counts as a single psyker for all rules purposes. therefore this guys sucks even more, because instead of +5 shots for that strike squad, you get +1.
Kraggi said…
Bah and humbug.

Just re-read that rule and can see where it clearly states that. Teaches me for believing I know the rules when obviously dont.

On another note then, if you were to hit a unit of Grey Knights with a mindstrike missile then would each missile only be capable of causing 1 perils of the warp regardless of the number of models covered as the units counts as a 'single' psyker? So basically if you endedu p facing another GK army would your mindstrikes be able to inflict 1 perils on a unit per template?
Atreides said…
yes, that is exactly right. i think in fact, you have just stated the two reasons why they made that rule so explicit in the codex, heheh.

don't worry though, you can still pull off the trick with psyker henchmen! ;)
Kraggi said…
Awesome, well thank you for the rules clarification. Will modify the article so that it makes sense, and hopefully your comments and what I tweak will help other in future avoid my misconceptions and Interpretation.

This is one of the major reasons I blog, so I can get hints tips and rules clarifications so thank you very much for your assistance Atreides!
Atreides said…
no worries mate. i played in the same way for around a month before someone pointed it out to ME, so i am simply passing on the favour.

incidentally, i still love mindstrike missiles because it means you can snipe peoples characters and justicars, reducing leadership and suchlike. almost better than a vindicare!
Kraggi said…
Well it is very much appreciated before I built an army based on the theories lol.

I wouldnt leave home with a Stormraven without Mindstrike's tbh, and thats mainly due to the different way I forced my opponent to play when I used the Vindicare Assassin (to be honest he suggested I give it a try, and he may have regretted that decision lol).

Rune Priests are some of the best Characters for their points in the game, so anyway to make people more hesitant to use them against me is a good thing I think.