1750 Army List Wednesdays!

On the second of my weekly Army List Wednesdays I found myself thinking back to my Pre Grey Knight days and to the Imperial Guard (yes it definately looks like I only play the latest codices...).

Anyway, without further ado, here is a 1750 Points Imperial Guard Army list.

Company Command Squad, 4 x Meltagun


Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Demolisher

Sly Marbo
Ratlings x 5

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad, 4 Flamers
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, Commissar
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
Heavy Weapons Team, 3 x Lascannons
Heavy Weapons Team, 3 x Mortars

Veteran Squad, 3 Plasma Guns, Plasma Pistol (Sergeant)

So the tatics for this force?

Well it is pretty much just overwhelm the enemy with superior firepower. Care positioning of the Vendettas is a good thing to note as you want to be able to Scout move them, but dont want to let them get Assaulted or Melta'd if you aren't going first. 

The Veteran Squad hops in one of the Vendettas, along with a couple of the Infantry squads, the Company command squad holds back to deal with the enemy as they reach your battlelines. 

The Ratlings are there as an annoyance, much the same as the mortars. The more tests you can force on an opponent the more chance they have of failing one and becoming pinned. 

Sly Marbo is just excellent and wonderful at dealing with Deepstrike armies, as once his pie plate hits a full unit of 10+ Assault Marines that just DoA'd into the game they will move rather than try shooting. 

The Tank Positioning is also a big thing, ideally you want to keep them away from your objectives and push them towards the enemies, but in an ideal sense you want to draw your enemy off the objectives to deal with them. 

Anyway, until next week!


Atreides said…
this list has some good points, but it also has some very weak units.

I'll go through the list as i see it.

firs the core, the infantry. the infantry squads with nothing but a grenade launcher. sadly, this is 55 points wasted. it cannot hurt anything, and it cannot do anything else. it has no long range firepower and a single S6 shot isn't scaring anyone. now, i understand that these squads are supposed to combine with the stubborn commissar squad, but even then, they just become an unwieldy squad that cannot hurt anything. if i were you i would take a power weapon on all the sergeants, and on the commissar himself. this makes this unit scary as hell to nearly all assault units, and doesn't cost the earth. on the charge, you get 16 power weapon attacks, and if charged you get 12. then you get your normal attacks on top of that. I run two such units in my Straken list and they are scary as hell with counter attack/furious charge.

the infantry units with autocannons are great objective sitters. i don't know if you intended to combine them at all but when i use these i rarely do. these guys are cheap and can threaten light infantry and light transports, and can put wounds on monstrous creatures and termies with ease. despite that, they rarely get targeted because they dont seem like a threat. I'd lose the grenade launchers though, as they don't add much and you need points for power weapons.

i do actually use platoon command squads with 4 flamers, but i generally put mine in a chimera. otherwise, they become a liability. in this list i guess you could hide them and jump out but their threat range isn't great without a ride. i would be tempted to give them an autocannon too and sit on an objective. still, it could work like this. the same applies to your company command squad. they really need a ride.

finally for the infantry platoon, the weapons squads. i hate these, but a lot of people swear by them. i hate them because they are a massive threat but are supremely fragile. therefore they get targeted turn one and go poof, wasting a lot of points. you should really have all the lascannons you need in the form of vendettas so i would lose them. mortars i dont rate either, but that is because i just find so much stuff is fearless, and if it isn't, i can never hit/wound with the damn things.
(continued below)
Atreides said…
(continued from above)

as for your veteran squad, have you ever considered the 3 melta and demo charge combo? i prefer it because you get almost the same number of kills, you don't hurt yourself, and you scare the hell out of superunits with so many S8 weapons (instant death). plasma is good (and i take one unit of it) but i prefer melta.

ratlings, fine, never use them myself but they are cheap, quite hard to kill with 3+ armour and they could well work here. Marbo speaks for himself, as you say!

i like the russ's, but without much else to shoot at in the form of tanks, they might get slagged pretty quickly. as you say though, they are there to get shot at tend they take a lot of killing at range, so fair play. two demos and a vanilla russ are what i often take as well. make sure they have hull heavy flamers though.

finally, the vendettas. i think this is the biggest 'mistake' you are making with this list, and it isn't because they are bad units (they rock!) but because of the way you seem to want to use them. vendettas are there to sit at maximum range and provide fire support. they kill light and medium tanks with ease and destroy terminator units. they are not there to deploy units to the front line on turn one, never fire a gun, and then die. that is what the cheaper Valkyrie is for :)

this leads to the point about transports. i know it is boring, but chimeras are so, so good, and show up in lists for a reason. in this list i would mount eh vets and the two command squads if possible. I'd even happily lose a vendetta to do so.

anyway, i was bored at work and ended up writing you a massive wall of text. i don't know whether you are looking for a fun list, an optimised list, or just to improve your list in ways that appeal to you, but i hope something in that lot helps!!

Kraggi said…
Thanks for all the feedback Atreides, its always good to get input on the army lists.

The list itself is very much of a what I have list, rather than being very well optimised.

People have been telling me since I started playing Guard that I should go with Chimera's, but in the main I am staying away from Mechanising my army too much (well any of my armies to be honest).

I know it works well, and I know it gives some units some real bonuses but I just don't like having a full Mech force (no idea why) and I like trying to do well in the Mech enviroment.

I agree with you about the Heavy Weapon Squads, for myself they do an awesome job, but I know how fragile they are.

The Mortar squad was thrown in to make up the numbers, but even if it can't shoot for poop it is another scoring unit. I have won more than one game by running my Heavy Weapon Squads onto objectives.

Onto the Infantry platoon, I only really intend to use them as a combined squad in a Kill Points game, and there the Commissar is in to allow them to hopefully survive one combat, hopefully.

Other than that in the other missions its just a cheap way of giving me another 5 scoring units, three of which are relatively mobile.

I think I will look at dropping the G/launchers so that I can get some more Autocannons in, I keep forgetting how much I need to kill Razorback and Rhino's.

The Vet squad probably could do with some work, and the three Melta/Demo charge unit is the same price as the Vets and would work quite well in this, I would normally sqap them around, but dont actually have more than the 4 Melta I already have listed.

All in all, thanks for the feedback, and the wall of text, all thoughts, comments and discussion is greatly appreciated.