Rumour; Necron Stats!

Ok, so I don't normally do rumours, but this is for an army I have had back since they first got their own Codex.


So just for those of you who may be interested in some Necron / Immortal Stats have a check out of the image below, yes if you came here from Belloflostsouls you may vey well have seen it there.

I partly figured I would post this up so I had a copy of the image for when the book is around to do a comparison.

(Please be aware its a rumour, I pinched the picture from Belloflostsouls and I would add several dollops of salt, stir thoroughly and wait a couple of months before believe it)


dominosfleet said…
this is super old, it came out almost 2 years ago. not sure why sites like BoLS posted it, maybe someone forgot?
Kraggi said…
Ah well.

I hadnt seen it before and I have no idea why they are posting it again if its that old. I kinda hope its wrong anyway.

Thanks for letting me know, always better to know I made a fool of myself than not knowing hehe.