My Games in August

August was one of those months... you know, one of those 'Summer' months. One of those months where you end up getting pulled six ways till sundown and seem to have very little time to yourself.

Well out of my wierd sentencing and story type typing, August was not a good month for my gaming, I didnt put enough effort in and other things were more important.

However I did run an Apocalypse game at my FLGS on the last Saturday of the month. We had 24,000 pointso n the table at one point with 10 players involved! That more than made up for me not playing this month and not being able to play in the game (managing took a lot of effort).

Other than that I managed to get some Magic the Gathering Game and some World of Warcraft games in, while card games dont offer the same experience as my normal Hobby they are rapidly growing on me, as it is easier to find people to play as the games dont take anywhere near as long!

So my games this month!

Played: 3
Won 1
Lost : 2

Played: 7
Won 3
Lost 4

I have even updated the stats this month (I forgot too last month!)