Assault on Horlux

+++++++FAO Inquisitor Jachem +++++++

+++++++ Omega Encryption +++++++

+++++++ Message Begins +++++++


The World of Horlux has fallen to Xenos advance. Planetary Defence force has side with Xenos invaders. Xenos Identified as Tau. Large presence of Tau / PDF in all major fortified locations throughout the world.

From the information I have gathered the Tau came to Horlux due to the Planetary Governors’ request for aide. The PDF had discovered a

+++++ Message Scrambled beyond recognition for two Quads of Information. Decryption continues from next Quad+++++

The primary location of the artefact is in a recently fortified civilian outpost of Yalun, near Horlux equator. I cannot stress the importance of this find, and how dangerous this could be to the Imperium.

I advise sending in Kill Teams to retrieve the artefact before the Tau unlock its secrets. Their Psychic blank should be maintained, as we have no idea the chaos that could be caused if they were able to access the warp.

Yours Faithfully


+++++++ Message Ends +++++++

+++++++ Servitor Addendum, Attempts to decypher the rest of the message are ongoing, any updates will be forwarded to you as soon as they are available. ++++++

+++++++ Message for the Day: Burn the Heretic, Cleanse the Impure +++++++

This is the background for a huge 40K scenario I am running in my local store on the 17th September... full details to follow later this week. If however you cannot wait, then click here to see the event details!