Assault on Horlux, Part II

The second part of the game day I will be running on the 17th September. If you are interested in the fluff then click here.

This isnt designed to be balanced, its designed to get people playing 40k, who many never have played it before, any hints tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The Game Plan:

Board setup as dense as possible with terrain, as it was only recently converted to a Military outpost. Planetstrike Terrain used to represent the military outposts.


The Kill Teams need to either work together or individually to try and locate the Artefact, and then escape from the nearest Board edge.

To Search each Bastion a Kill Team Member needs to move into Base to Base contact in their Movement phase, and then send their Shooting & Assault phase’s searching the Bastion for the Artefact.

As the Teams do not know exactly what they are looking for they could find the wrong artefact or some piece of Tau Tech.

For Each Shooting and Assault phase that they spend in base to base contact with a Bastion, they get to turn over a Card looking for an artefact. When they find one, either Tau Tech or the Mysterious Artefact they are there for they get must get the Artefact off the nearest Board edge as quickly as possible. A Kill Team model can carry the Artefact, but is unable to do anything other than Run in their Shooting phase; they may not shoot or initiate assaults.

Once the Kill Team Member is off the board they cannot return to the Table that round. Each Round continues until the Main artefact is located, at which point the Kill Team’s objective is to get the Artefact off the nearest board edge.

Game Rules:

Night Fighting is in effect for the duration of the game.

The Defending Player may only activate as many units as there are Kill Teams against them. If Required Defenders Reinforcements arrive from a randomly determined board edge.

A Kill Team may be deployed anywhere on the Board to represent them sneaking into Position.

Kill Team Rules:
Force Selection

• 0-1 HQ
• 0-1 Elite
• 0-2 Troops
• 0-1 Fast Attack

Force Limitations

Your Kill Team may not exceed 200 Points.

Your Kill Team MUST have at least 2 models in it.

You may NOT use Special or Unique Characters.

All Kill Team Members have Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain & Advance Preparation

You may give 5 members of your Kill Team a bonus USR, chosen from the list below. Each Kill Team Member may only have one of these rules, and no rule can be chosen more than once.

Move through Cover
Furious Charge
And they Shall Know no Fear
Counter Attack
Tank Hunter

New Special Rule:
Advance Preparation: Models with this rule are able to ignore the effects of Night Fighting.